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Currently enrolled Simon students may register online for classes through the Student Information System on Simon Exchange, the central web portal used by the Simon community. Students will receive registration instructions through their Simon e-mail account prior to the start of registration each quarter from the Office of Student Engagement. Matriculated students, depending on the program, may be pre-registered for classes by the Registrar's Office.

  • Online registration for Fall B classes will be open at 8:00am on October 17 - November 3.
  • If you drop a course after the add/drop period, you will receive a grade of "W" for the course and will be refunded according to a Refund Schedule.
  • If you wish to register for a Take 21/22 course, you must complete the Take 2 Application Form.
  • University policy requires that students be current in payment of all tuition and fees prior to registration for each academic term. Therefore, students who have a past-due balance will not be pre-registered for the next term. If you have a past-due balance, you may settle your account with the Bursar's Office, 330 Meliora Hall, 275-3931.You will need financial clearance to register for next term's courses.

Registration - Students with Bursar Holds
1. The Bursar's Office notifies students if they have a hold on their account. Students with Bursar holds are not pre-registered for classes. This follows University of Rochester policy.
2. You must contact the Bursar's Office regarding the hold on your account. 585-275-3931, 330 Meliora Hall.
3. If the Bursar hold is removed, it can take one day before it is deleted from the system. Registration will be delayed until this happens.
4. Students must contact the Simon Registrar's Office at to notify us that the hold has been removed.
5. The Registrar's Office will register you for your cohort classes. Due to system uploads, it may take one day before you will see your classes in Blackboard. You can also register online for electives once the hold has been removed.
6. You can review your current class schedule by selecting "Search My Enrollment" through the Student Information System. Select the academic year and quarter and select "submit search." A PDF will be generated with your current schedule.

 First time non-matriculated part-time students must attend the Part-Time Registration session which is offered fall, spring and summer quarters at Simon Business School before taking classes.

Undergraduate Courses

Simon Business School offers 100- and 200-level undergraduate courses. These courses are offered in the fall and spring semesters and appear in the University's course schedule. Undergraduate students may register for these classes by following the College's registration procedures. These courses are not available to Simon graduate students.

Executive MBA Courses

Simon Business School offers an Executive MBA program and an International Executive MBA program in Bern, Switzerland. Students who wish to register for these courses should consult with the Executive MBA Office, located in 204 Schlegel Hall, or by calling (585) 275-3439.

PhD Courses

Simon Business School offers 500-level PhD (doctoral level) courses. Students who wish to enroll in this program and register for classes should consult with the Simon PhD Office, located in 4-345 Carol Simon Hall, or by calling (585) 275-2959.

Matriculated MBA or MS Simon students who wish to register for graduate courses at the University of Rochester must:
  • Consult with Student Services to confirm the class will count toward your degree requirements, if you are taking the class for that purpose. If approved, they will give you a course substitution form to complete.
  • Complete the Simon add/drop form and obtain the instructor's approval.
  • Return the add/drop form and the course substitution form to the Simon Registrar's Office for processing. These courses will be entered in the University's ISIS student records system.
  • University of Rochester courses will not appear on your Simon unofficial transcript. However, they will appear on your official transcript.
Matriculated MBA or MS Simon students who wish to register for Simon PhD courses must:
  • See your area coordinator and the senior associate dean for approval on your request and sign the course substitution form.
  • Complete the add/drop form.
  • Return the add/drop form and the course substitution form to the Simon Registrar's Office for processing.
  • Simon PhD courses will appear on your Simon unofficial transcript and official transcript.

University of Rochester matriculated graduate students (not Simon) and University of Rochester matriculated PhD students (not Simon) who wish to register for Simon graduate 400-level courses or Simon PhD 500-level courses must complete the Non-Simon Student Registration Form and secure the signature of the professor teaching the course(s). Return the add/drop form to the Simon School Registrar's Office located in 245 Gleason Hall for processing. Students are encouraged to check with the Bursar's Office regarding tuition and fees for these classes.


  • Simon alumni who wish to return to the Simon School to register for classes are advised to consult with Office of Student Engagement, located in 202 Schlegel Hall, or by calling (585) 275-8163.
  • Non-Simon alumni who wish to register for classes are advised to consult with the Simon School Admissions Office, located in 245 Gleason Hall, or by calling (585) 275-3533. Non-Simon alumni who wish to take courses to transfer back to another University are also advised to consult with the Simon School Admissions Office.

Note: Undergraduate students are not permitted to register for Simon graduate (400) level courses.

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