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Event Management Instructions


GBC & OSE Funding

Every club will be allotted funding, up to a set amount, based on factors including: business plan, carry-over funding from previous year, membership dues, and more.

Additional funding proposals can be submitted to the GBC VP of Finance and VP of Club Communication on a case-by-case basis.

Membership Dues

Clubs can only charge annual membership dues. Each club must provide a breakdown of how dues contribute to events, items, and activities.

Club dues must be paid online only through the Club Dues page.

Facilities and Labor

Room Reservations & Event Space

Simon Space

Clubs have access to classrooms, conference rooms, lounges, and the Rotunda in both Gleason and Schlegel Hall. Rooms can be reserved without any cost when available. It is expected that the space will be returned to its original configuration at the end of the event. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure you plan accordingly.

Room reservation requests should be submitted to Brittany Grage in the Office of Student Engagement. Please include the name of the event, number of expected attendees, and preferred room.

35-seat rooms:  Gleason Hall 120
30-seat rooms:  Schlegel Hall 301A, Schlegel Hall 301B
64-seat rooms:  Schlegel Hall 102, Schlegel Hall 103
70-seat rooms:  Gleason Hall 118, Gleason Hall 119
100-seat rooms:  Schlegel Hall 107, Schlegel Hall 207, Schlegel Hall 407
190-seat room:  Gleason Hall 318/418

Events beginning at noon in any classroom are required to end by 12:50pm. Events beginning at 4:40pm are required to end by 5:40pm. If your event is in G318/418, your club advisor is required to attend and ensure the event ends on time.

Conference Rooms (max occupancy):
  • Office of Student Engagement (10)
  • Gleason Hall 125 (16)
  • Gleason Hall 244 (14)
  • Gleason Hall 335 (20)
Reception Areas (max occupancy):
  • Eisenberg Rotunda (90 sit-down event/116 reception)
  • Schlegel Hall 101/EMBA Lounge (50 Reception)
  • Gleason Hall 124 (40 sit-down event/75 reception)
Campus Space

University of Rochester space is available to Simon Business School clubs through the Event and Classroom Management Department. Clubs will be charged to use space elsewhere on campus. It is required that you meet with your OSE Advisor to discuss your event needs in detail prior to reserving space.

Off-Campus Space

For any off-campus events, please discuss your needs with your OSE Advisor.

Simon Facilities/Labor

  • Housekeeping is available Mondays – Fridays (5:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., and limited availability until 5:30 p.m.). On Saturdays, there is coverage from 6 a.m. – 2 p.m. Any event with food or drink must have housekeeping services.

Housekeeping is not regularly scheduled for Sundays, but can be available if you discuss this with your OSE advisor 1 month ahead of time.

After Hours Charges
  • If an event is advertised to end by or before 5:00 p.m. on Monday-Friday or before 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, Facilities will cover the clean-up charge, but clubs need to still submit an account number.
  • If an event ends after 5:00 p.m. on Monday-Friday or after 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, clubs will be charged labor costs of about $60/hour for clean-up.
  • If an event (with food or drink) takes place ends late night or takes place any time on Sunday, clubs will be charged a flat fee of $234.

Last-Minute Requests
  • Clubs are charged for a minimum of four hours of work, whether requests take five minutes or four hours.
Emergency Housekeeping Services
  • Spills, HVAC, plumbing, or electrical issues:
    • Contact Facilities Customer Service at 585-273-4567.
Simon IT Requests

Simon IT provides clubs with laptop, clicker, projector and screen, microphone, speakers, conference call polycom, and webinar/web-x needs.

Work directly with your OSE Advisor on your specific event IT needs. Your OSE Advisor will submit a request to and copy in your club leadership board on the request.

Requests must be made at least 5 days prior to your event.

The IT Help Desk is available to troubleshoot problems and can be reached at 585-275-4407.

Event Setup

Nolan’s Rentals

For large events and specific event set-up, Simon Business School works directly with Nolan’s Rental Inc.

Please see below for items typically ordered for events, itemized costs, and set-up and teardown costs. Work directly with your OSE Advisor to determine your event needs and to submit your order to Nolan’s Rental Inc. directly.

Orders must be submitted at least 5 days prior to your event.

WHITE FOLDING $1.55 $0.50
BLACK FOLDING $1.85 $0.50
48" RND. SEAT 6 $8.95 $2.00
60" RND. SEAT 8 $9.50 $2.00
72" RND. SEAT 10 $10.95 $2.00
8' RECTANGULAR $8.95 $2.00
6' RECTANGULAR $8.50 $2.00
42" TALL 30" RND. BISTRO $9.50 $2.00
KWIK COVERS $3.99 $1.00
ROUND TABLE LINENS $10.95-16.95 $1.00
BISTRO LINENS $6.50-8.50  

Food & Beverage


Please refer to the University of Rochester Environmental Health & Safety Sanitarian’s Office for information on approved caterers and process for outside vendors.

QUESTIONS?  Contact the University Sanitarian's Office at (585) 275-3241 or email

When planning large scale events involving food and beverages, you must use a University Approved Caterer (see link above) and contact your OSE Advisor to go over the logistical aspects of your event.

If you are just ordering food for a small group event involving pizza or sandwiches, you can order from any established restaurant, pizzeria, or sandwich shop.

Simon OSE has accounts with a few local restaurants where we are set up to pay on invoice. If you would like to order from Mark's Pizza or Pellegrino's, please email Patty DeCillis. If you would like to order from Genesee Bakery, please contact Noelle Miller, Brittany Grage, or Nate Kadar.


Contact your OSE Advisor 6 weeks prior to any event you plan to serve alcohol.

The University of Rochester requires an alcohol permit and approved caterer to serve alcohol on campus which takes approximately 1 month to obtain. Please plan accordingly.

New York State law prohibits the serving of alcohol to individuals actually or apparently under the age of 21, to intoxicated individuals or to individuals who are known to become habitually intoxicated. It is illegal for individuals under the age of 21 to possess alcoholic beverages with the intent to consume such beverages.


Google Calendar

It is a requirement that all club meetings and events are added to the Simon Clubs Google calendar once approved by your OSE Advisor. All Club Leaders are required to have access to the Simon Clubs and Community Calendars. If the event is open to the whole Simon student community, the OSE will also add the event to the following Google calendars:

  • Simon Community Events
  • Simon EMBA
  • Simon Full-Time MBA
  • Simon Full-Time MS
  • Simon PMBA


Club VPs of Marketing are given access to create a club DesignConductor account and create their posters using the given templates. All posters must be sent for approval, through Design Conductor, to Noelle Miller. Once approved, posters will be printed and posted on various boards throughout Simon.

Posters submitted for approval within 5 business days of the event will not be printed. But the image can still be used for online marketing purposes.

Contact Noelle Miller for questions about the poster process.


Club events can only be promoted on the following channels:

  • #events
  • #(club)
  • #mba-all
  • #ms-all

Events listed on the Google Calendar are automatically synced to the Slack #events channel. Clubs can also promote their events via their own club channels. Clubs can only promote their event two times on the #mba-all and #ms-all channels.


Club email accounts are to be used for club promotion and communication with club members.. Contact your OSE Advisor for email account credentials.

Weekly Events Newsletter

The events newsletter sends to all Simon Students every Friday. To include your event, submit the description and poster image to Noelle Miller and Brittany Grage by Wednesday at noon.

Post Event Evaluations
Please submit post event evaluations to your OSE Advisor within seven days after your event.

It is advised you include input from everyone who was involved to evaluate the execution of the event and the performance of your organization. These reports are a useful tool to pass on to future members of your organization and will help you evaluate your event. Forms are available in OSE or from your OSE Advisor.


Photographers are available at a cost through Simon Marketing based on the scale of your event. Clubs can also use members to take pictures during events. Please discuss your needs in detail with your OSE Advisor.


Requesting Payment

An RFP (Request for Payment) form must be completed for each payment request and submitted to Patty DeCillis along with the invoice/original receipt. The OSE will submit the form to AP for processing and file a copy to keep for monthly ledger review.

Please note AP takes approximately 30 days to process a RFP.

Requesting Reimbursement

An F-34 (Student Expense Report) or F-3 (Employee Expense Form) must be completed to receive reimbursement when payment has already been made by a club member. In addition to the form, you must submit original, itemized receipts, attendee list (if food was purchased), and the sign-off form from the club VP of Finance. Completed paperwork should be submitted to Patty DeCillis.

Ledger Reconciliation

The VPs of Finance will be responsible for reviewing and reconciling the ledgers every month. Your club advisor will email a copy of the budgetary balance summary and transaction detail report along with copies of submitted RFPs and F-34s. After reviewing the ledger, the VP of Finance should update the Account Audit spreadsheet and submit it to their advisor by the 28th of each month.

Account Information

CM (Company): 023
FAO: Club account number (please contact Brittany Grage if you do not have this information)                                                                

Spend Categories:

SC49500 Food/beverage/entertainment
SC49450 Alcohol
SC61000 Supplies
SC47950 Membership Dues
SC56650 Miscellaneous
SC49550 Registration fees for Conferences/ Competitions
SC49750 Travel expenses (domestic)


All checks for deposit in club accounts should be made out to the University of Rochester/Simon Club Name. The student club account number should also be written on back of every check to ensure proper credit to account. Cash and checks will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Absolutely NO gift certificates should be purchased by clubs for gifts or awards for special events. University of Rochester Accounts Payable will NOT provide a reimbursement for gift cards.


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