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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Where can I register for the Simon Games and what is the fee?
A:  The 2021 Simon Games registration link will be available in November 2020. The registration fee is $75.00.

Q:  What is the deadline to register to participate in the Simon Games?
A:  The registration deadline is February 17, 2021.

Q:  Will you host any information sessions to learn more about the Simon Games?
A:   Yes, we will host Open Houses to help you learn more about each MBA program option and the Simon Games scholarship competition. You can register here to attend one of these sessions. In addition, we will host a webinar prior to the start of the game.

Q:  How do I know if I have successfully registered for the Simon Games?
A:  During the registration process, you will be required to submit your resume and pay the registration fee. Upon submitting those items through the registration link, you will receive a confirmation receipt. Within two business days, you will also receive a confirmation email from the Executive and Professional Programs Office that you have successfully registered in the Simon Games. If you do not recieve both the receipt and confirmation e-mail, please contact the Executive and Professional Programs Office by email at or by phone at (585) 275-3439.

Q:  When will I hear from the Simon Games Administration Team with detailed game instructions?
A:  Each participant will recieve game instructions with a game license and login several hours before the Games start. If a participant does not receive an instruction email, he/she should contact Executive Programs Office immediately by email at or by phone at (585) 275-3439.

Playing the Simon Games

Q:  How do the Games work?
A:  Please refer to Competition Rules. Participants are encouraged to explore the game and available demos on the Marketplace website.

Q:  How long is the competition?
A:  The first game, Introduction to Marketing, runs for two weeks. The second game, Strategic Management, runs for four weeks. There is a one-week break between the first and second games. The top ten finalists in each program will be invited to Report to the Board to determine the winners.

Q:  How many hours should I dedicate to the Simon Games per week?
A:  It depends. For the first game, it usually takes one to three hours for each decision cycle, and there are two to three decision cycles per week. Because of the increased complexity in the second game, it ususally takes six to eight hours for each decision cycle and there are one to two decision deadlines per week. Each participant should plan his/her schedule accordingly.

Q:  How many competitiors will be playing for scholarships?
A:  It depends. On average, participants should expect 40-50 competitors in his/her group.

Q:  Whom should I contact, if I have questions while playing the Simon Games?
A:  You can email your Simon Games administrator directly, within the game interface. You can also email the Simon Games Administration Team at or technical support at Marketplace at with any questions.

Report to the Board

Q:  Who will be invited to report to the board?
A:  At the conclusion of game two, Strategic Management, competitor's scores will be tabulated. The top ten participants (from each program, Executive MBA and part-time Professional MBA) will be notified by email that they are finalists and invited to give a 10-minute presentation in the final round of the competition, reporting to the board.

Q:  Who are the Board Members?
A:  The board is composed of Simon Business School faculty, staff alumni, and current students who have participated in the games previously.

Q:  How should I prepare if I am invited to report to the board?
A:  Participants give 10-minute presentations on their performance in the competition before the board. Finalists will receive instructions on presentation guidelines and expectations at the completion of the second game.

Q:  How are scholarships distributed among the two MBA programs?
A:  A full tuition scholarship will be awarded to both the Executive MBA and the Professional MBA first-place competitors.  


Q:  I am not sure which program is right for me. Is there someone I can contact to discuss further?
A:  Yes, please feel free to call our office at (585)275-3439 or email We will be happy to share additional information to help you explore our Executive MBA and Professional MBA options.

Q:  If I am not selected as a finalist are there any other scholarships available?
A:  Yes, upon completion you we be evaluated for additional scholarship opportunities.


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