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    The competition begins 2.22.21

    The games begin on February 22, 2021. Registered individuals will compete to win a full-tuition scholarship to the part-time Professional MBA or Executive MBA program

  • Academic Programs

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    Join us for an informational webinar on January 26, 2021 from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm to learn more about this year's Simon Games competition.


  • Academic Programs




The Simon Games - 730 x 300

The Game

The competition provides you the opportunity to start up and run your own business. You will be the CEO of a large international 3D printing business focused on bicycles and will be responsible for making decisions on everything from marketing, distribution, and manufacturing.

At the end of the eight quarters, if your strategy in the game places you in the top ten among your competitors, you will be invited to Report to the Board.

Registration for the 2021 Simon Games will open in November 2020. The Games will begin in February 2021.

Grand Prize: A full-tuition scholarship to the part-time Professional MBA or Executive MBA program at Simon Business School.



Discover the Programs Driving the Competition.

Advance your skill set without career interruption. Whether it’s our flexible Professional MBA program, ranked No. 1 in New York State, or the Executive MBA program, which will let your earn your degree in just 19 months of coursework, Simon Business School is dedicated to supporting busy professionals, like you.

We offer evening and weekend course options and let you select the pace that suits you. It’s graduate business education tailored to your needs. Earn your MBA on your terms.

Compare the Part-Time Professional and Executive MBA programs.


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>> Video gallery of previous winners

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Executive MBA Simon Games 2016 Winners:

Benjamin Papp, Stacey Saracene, Sudhakar Sivaraj, and Geoff Lawrence.

Meet us on Campus

Join us for an Information Session, Open House, or Executive Experience to learn about our programs and determine which one may be the best fit for you. Programs covered will be: Full-Time MBA and MS, Professional Part-Time MBA (PMBA), and Executive MBA. Faculty, Admissions staff, and current students will be present and answer your questions.

Simon Games Webinar 

We will be holding a informational webinar on January 26th, 2021. Click Here to register.

Simon Games is an online business simulation competition that allows you to compete for a full or partial scholarship to our Part-Time and Executive MBA programs while testing your business acumen in a global marketplace. During this session we will provide you with in-depth information about Simon Games, competition rules, scholarship prizes, and allow you to speak with one of our past winners to understand the true experience.


Upcoming Events

There are plenty of opportunities to connect with Simon admissions, faculty, alumni, and current students. Register today for one of our upcoming on- or off-campus events for either Professional or Executive MBA events.

meet previous winners

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Matt Convery

Professional MBA, Class of 2015

BLM Construction Company

"The Simon Games are an excellent opportunity for those looking to expand their business acumen. It is an extremely competitive game which will test your analytical skills and decision making capabilities. My overall experience was enlightening and extremely enjoyable!"

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Maria Livingston

Executive MBA, Class of 2015

Director of Marketing and Business Development at HOLT Architects, P.C.

"Winning a scholarship from the Simon Games gave me the financial support I needed to finally apply to business school. Playing in the Simon Games gave me the insight, inspiration, and camaraderie to actually do it!"

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Alex Bean

Executive MBA, Class of 2015

Applications Engineer at Corning, Inc.

"For me the Simon games were an opportunity to gauge where my application of engineering principles to business decision making provided advantages and disadvantages. In other words they were a way for me to test where I fell in reference to people in other backgrounds when it came to making business decisions.

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Adam Grossman

Executive MBA, Class of 2015

Co-Founder at DealerTeam, LLC

"The Simon Games are perfectly suited to testing the skills of an entrepreneurial leader. The Games require you to take the helm of a simulated company and weigh the decisions and trade-offs faced by technology CEOs every day."

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