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Bloomberg Terminal Access for Simon Business School during COVID-19

Quickly and practically get access to Bloomberg Terminals, no matter where you are. Bloomberg's Disaster Recovery (DR) service is designed to provide temporary remote access to our Bloomberg Terminals, as part of our academic institution's overall business continuity plan. This gives students and faculty temporary access to remote login, and requires an active Bloomberg Terminal login.


Students with an Existing Bloomberg Terminal Login

Users with an existing Bloomberg Terminal Login can access a Terminal through Bloomberg's remote access portal.

  • Step 1: Navigate to
  • Step 2: Enter Bloomberg Terminal username and password
  • Step 3: Verify your identity with a code sent to your Simon enrolled e-mail or mobile phone
  • Step 4: Click the down arrow to the right of the "Launch" button and select "Launch within the browser"

Help: For additional help with the login process, please refer to


Students without a Bloomberg Terminal login

Students without a Bloomberg Terminal login will need to first create a Bloomberg for Education account (different than a Bloomberg Terminal login). Once completed (see below), any of the following can authorize you for Bloomberg Terminal access.

  • Office of Student Engagement (OSE)
  • Career Management Center (CMC)
  • Your Instructor

After you have been authorized - you can complete the process by using your Bloomberg for Education account to create your Bloomberg Terminal login. Here are the Steps:

  1. Create a Bloomberg for Education Account
    • Step 1: Navigate to Bloomberg for Education's web portal ( and select the "Signup as a Learner" button. (Do NOT choose Professor.)
    • Step 2: Enter contact information with your Simon email (only) and select the "Sign Up" button. (Note: If you create an account with a personal email, you will not be linked with Simon Business School and be unable to create a Terminal login.)
    • Step 3: Verify your identity with the verification email. (Note: A BMC subscription is not required for Terminal access. Ignore the BMC paywall page and click the “Terminal Access” tab.)
    • Step 4: Click the down arrow to the right of the "Launch" button and select "Launch within the browser". bloomberg-instructions
  2. Student Creates a Bloomberg Terminal Login
    • Step 5: Navigate to the Terminal Access tab on the Bloomberg for Education web portal and follow the account creation wizard to create a Bloomberg Terminal login.
    • Step 6: Once the Bloomberg Terminal account is created, follow the instructions above in the section titled “Students with an Existing Shared Bloomberg Terminal Login” (by first navigating back to


Reserve a Bloomberg Terminal (for Remote Access Only)

Please visit to reserve Bloomberg terminal time.


Important: Access of the shared Terminals in Simon’s finance lab?

Students and faculty with remote Bloomberg Terminal logins will be randomly assigned a specific physical terminal from the Bloomberg labs at Simon. This occupies the physical terminal and renders the terminal BUSY until the remote user disconnects.

Please notice the Bloomberg Terminal terms and conditions (during the reservation process), and:

  • ALWAYS log off when not in use, and also when your reservation ends
  • NEVER access a terminal without a reservation, either physically or remotely
  • NEVER disturb a physical terminal already in use
  • REMEMBER all time/usage on the terminals is logged
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