A new day dawning at Simon 

In this video Dean Sevin Yeltekin discusses generative AI, its impact on the business world, and how Simon is evolving with these new innovations and advancements in technology to prepare our students for the workplace of the future.


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AI Featured Article

Ahead of the curve

Generative AI is reshaping education at Simon, impacting how students learn, professors teach, and alumni innovate. This article explores Simon's strategic integration of generative AI and includes alumni success stories like Manish Gupta and Matt Bonaccorso creating innovative AI-driven products.

All images in this article were created using generative AI. 

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Alumni Profiles

Aditya Singh Alumni Profile

Aditya Singh Headshot

Aditya Singh ’08S (MBA)

Technology Strategist, Microsoft

From the aftermath of the dot-com bubble burst to the current age of rapidly advancing generative AI, throughout his career, Aditya Singh has adapted to thrive in the ever-evolving tech industry.

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Angela Zhang Alumni Profile

angela zhang headshot

Angela Zhang ’14S (MSF)

Vice President, BlackRock

As a vice president at BlackRock, Angela Zhang plays a vital role in advising institutional investors. She credits Simon’s academic rigor for preparing her for her career journey in finance.

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Yang Gao Alumni Profile

Yang Gao headshot

Yang Gao ’21S (PhD)

Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Yang Gao’s research explores the intricate relationship between technology and business at the intersection of customer service, social, media, and AI/machine learning.

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Ipec and Deniz Tunca Alumni Profile

Tuncas Family Headshot

Ipek Tunca ’00S (MBA)

Senior Director of Marketing, Meta

Deniz Tunca ’00S (MBA)

VP of Sales Operations, NetBrain Technologies, Inc.

The Tuncas fostered a strong Simon-based community in the Bay Area.

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Kathryn Flaschner Alumni Profile

Kathryn Flaschner

Kathryn Flaschner ’14, ’17S (MBA)

Vice President of Brand Licensing, Hello Sunshine
Host, “The Truth Is” Podcast

This former field hockey coach and current podcast host manages a successful career in the corporate world while carving out time to pursue her passions.

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Jonathan Kolozsvary Alumni Profile

Jonathan Kolozsvary Headshot

Jonathan Kolozsvary ’13S (MBA)

Global Ventures General Manager, Visa Garage

Jonathan Kolozsvary heads a team of entrepreneurs, designers, and product developers adept at finding the sweet spot between pushing boundaries and mitigating risk.

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Faculty & Research

Yaron Shaposhnik Headshot

Yaron Shaposhnik

Assistant Professor

Where machine learning meets patient care

As an assistant professor at Simon, Yaron Shaposhnik’s research bridges the gap between operations research and machine learning to enhance decision-making in healthcare.

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Joseph Kalmenovitz Headshot

Joseph Kalmenovitz 

Assistant Professor

Writing a new chapter

Once a law clerk at the Supreme Court of Israel, Joseph Kalmenovitz’s journey to an assistant professor of finance has been driven by a passion for regulatory economics.

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Class Notes

Margaret Feldman Headshot

Success stories and notable updates from Simon’s alumni network

During the pandemic, Margaret Feldman ’15S (MBA) thought of a solution for a common problem and turned it into a creative business idea. Find out more about this and other notable updates from Simon alumni in Class Notes. 

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In Memoriam

Ron Hansen

Remembering the legacy of Ron Hansen

An educator, researcher, and leader who shaped our institution's growth and success, Ron Hansen’s contributions have left an indelible mark on Simon.

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Heikki Memorial img

Honoring the memory of Heikki Rantakari

The unexpected loss of Heikki Rantakari has had a profound impact on his colleagues, students, friends, family, and everyone in the Simon community.

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