Adam Rains

Adam B. Rains

Adjunct Faculty

Adam Rains is a healthcare systems analyst specializing in the evaluation, design, and development of information systems for research, education, government, and industry. He currently serves as Population Health Informaticist and Senior Data Scientist for the Outcome Analytics Group (ISD Enterprise Data & Analytics) and as Product Owner for the URMC Clinical Quality Improvement (CQI) Data Store. 

Research Interests

Adam's research interests relate to the interaction of culture, technology, and environment in the mediation of health; and include work on the environmental regulation of infectious disease, global and community health assessment, emergency preparedness, and technological approaches to improving surveillance, governance, decision-making, education, and access to care.

Teaching Interests

Adam's teaching interests relate to supporting a democratized, data-driven analytic culture for health care, business, and academia. This includes courses in data visualization, research methods, epidemiology, statistics, and analytic programming within the broader context of enhanced data literacy and software-agnostic analysis.