Simon MBA students celebrating Commencement

Success starts with a strong foundation.

For decades, the Simon Business School at the University of Rochester has been a leader in business education. Our long tradition of innovation, commitment to research and testing, and inclusivity and diversity positions us for continued success.

Our Mission

To develop business leaders who have an exceptional level of clarity about business and about themselves. We achieve this through research and teaching focused on analytics and economics, and by being home to a tight-knit community that is among the most diverse of any business school.

Our Vision

As a part of the University of Rochester community, our character is defined by “Meliora”: a relentless endeavor to be ever better in the ideas we bring to the world, in the opportunities we offer our students, and in our commitment to inclusiveness.

Simon’s four guiding principles.

We hold ourselves accountable to these values:




Students come to Simon because they want a deeper understanding of how business works. We use analytics and economics as a lens to reveal the true nature of a problem and the scientific method to ask better questions. This approach prompts us to challenge biased inclinations, binary thinking, and the premature acceptance of “the next big thing,” making the skills we teach durable.

Invest in relationships.

Collegiality and an analytical mindset complement each other at Simon. We believe that strong teams and strong communities are the result of ongoing, collective efforts to address complex, multifaceted problems by leveraging each other’s strengths. Our students develop the confidence to effectively communicate their ideas, empowering them to add value to their organizations.


We’re a small school that’s home to a diverse group of people with a wide range of perspectives—and we intentionally incorporate those perspectives into everything we do. This makes research and classes more relevant and forward-thinking, and collaborations more productive.

Make an

Business benefits society when good intentions are combined with the right skill set and a strong work ethic. Simon students and graduates know how to build and lead the kind of evidence-based organizations that improve lives, drive economic development, and make communities more resilient.