MBA Students, Schlegel Hall, River Campus.

A partnership tailored to your company’s needs.

Our goals go beyond simple job placement. We work hard to connect our students with not just the right position, but also the right corporate culture, so that the relationship can benefit both employers and students alike.

The Simon Advantage

Simon MBA and MS graduates are equipped to take on real-world business problems with superior analytical, creative, and team-focused leadership skills. Simon consistently receives high ratings from corporate partners, competing business schools, and leading business publications from around the world.

Hiring Simon Talent

STEM-designated programs.

Many of the world’s top employers recruit from Simon because of our long history producing MBAs with strong analytical and leadership skills. Simon Business School’s full-time MBA has the country’s only option for STEM designation regardless of a student’s specialization. Each of our MS programs are STEM-designated as well. 

A STEM designation is additional assurance that when you hire a Simon MBA of MS graduate, you’re getting an individual who can impact your organization from day one.

STEM designation also allows international students up to 36 months of optional practical training (OPT) in a STEM-eligible role. Only 12 months of OPT is available for students with non-STEM degrees.

Recruiting at Simon.

The competition for top talent has never been fiercer. Simon Business School graduates have the skills and drive needed to make an immediate impact at your organization. Whether it’s on campus, virtually, or in New York City, holding informational sessions and/or opportunities with our talent pool is easy and convenient.

Guidelines for Recruiting

An internationally recognized curriculum.

Simon graduates are well-equipped for today’s business challenges thanks to a transformative education driven by an internationally recognized curriculum. Our integrated, cross-functional approach equips Simon students with a repertoire of proven business practices and tools that they can apply to a myriad of business situations.

Program specific curriculums:

MBA Curriculum

Our Full-Time MBA curriculum integrates analytics-based academics with hands-on opportunities to prepare students for professional success.

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MS in Accountancy Curriculum

Every student graduating from Simon’s MS in Accountancy program is qualified to sit for the CPA examination in New York State and obtain subsequent licensure.

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MS in Business Analytics Curriculum

The Simon Business Analytics curriculum provides students with a strong foundation in both analytics and business–covering statistics, analytics, and core business areas.

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MS in Finance Curriculum

Taught by a faculty internationally known for financial expertise, our Master’s in Finance curriculum is designed for students who have completed a bachelor's degree and demonstrated quantitative aptitude.

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MS in Marketing Analytics Curriculum

Like all of our MS programs, the Marketing Analytics program is STEM designated. It’s strong quantitative component prepares students to succeed in marketing roles involving data analysis and interpretation.

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World-Class Faculty

You want to hire only the best talent. Simon's faculty guarantees that our students will be ready to step in and make a difference in top businesses before the ink on their diplomas is dry.

Research Pioneers

Simon students enjoy the privilege of working with and learning from faculty members who are original architects of concepts that form the very foundation of today’s business culture.

Dynamic Working Partnerships

Simon faculty foster a dynamic working partnership with every student—an environment that encourages the cross-fertilization of ideas and constantly encourages critical, creative thinking. 

Teamwork and Collaboration

Students learn and grow in an environment that truly mirrors the spirit of teamwork and cooperation that is at the core of innovative companies.


Simon’s world renowned faculty is known as much for its excellence in academic research as it is for its instruction and innovation. Simon professors keep the spirit of debate alive and well, offering scholarly insights both in class and in print that challenge assumptions, and help students build expertise to succeed in today’s business climate.

Diversity that mirrors the modern workplace.

At Simon, we prepare students to be effective professionals in a more racially, culturally, and economically diverse world. As one of the most international business schools in the United States, 17 percent of our US students are under-represented minorities. Furthermore, core course study teams are composed of students from at least three different countries.

We welcome a significant number of international students to the Simon campus each year. Approximately half of our enrollment comprises students representing countries all around the world. Our most recent class represents students from 19 different countries.

Simon students and faculty are remarkably representative of the varied personalities working within the global business marketplace. The unique blend of ideas, perspectives, talents, backgrounds, and cultures provides a rich environment for the Simon community to flourish, grow, and make a positive impact on your organization.

International Students