Student clubs and organizations help Simon Business School students develop leadership skills

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These organizations and opportunities at Simon are designed to inspire, educate, and enhance your ability to lead in the contemporary, global workplace. Along the way, you'll make connections with like-minded leaders and mentors who will drive your personal and professional goals forward


Leadership Opportunities and Initiatives

Our leadership approach at Simon puts students in the position to determine essential projects and priorities within Simon Business School—collaborating with key decision makers to bring them to fruition. Committed student leaders can deepen their skills and gain experience through programs designed to provide instruction and support.

Leadership Accelerator

The Leadership Accelerator is a 12-month program that empowers student leaders by cultivating an intentional approach to leadership. The course-like structure and a Simon-sanctioned citation for successful completion—sometimes including “with distinction”— make the program a useful addition to student resumes. Student work in the Accelerator complements the leaders’ on-going activity of managing and leading teams of volunteers. Participants set intentions, conduct purposeful leadership experiments, and reflect on the results of their actions.

Coach Program

The Coach Program provides each first-year MBA team with a second-year coach. Coaches become active players in each of their team member’s Simon network, acting as resources, mentors and guides to the MBA experience. They assist the team in setting expectations, navigating the stages of team development and resolving conflicts if they arise, throughout the first year.

Workshop Leader Programs

Our Workshop Leader Program is a unique chance for carefully selected second-year MBA students to take on leadership roles in specific Core MBA quantitative courses. These dedicated individuals lead small groups of first-year MBA students through collaborative problem-solving sessions, known as workshops, to enhance the learning experience in these courses. Our workshop leaders receive extensive training from our esteemed faculty and learning specialists in various essential areas, including group dynamics, motivation, collaboration, conflict management, and inclusion issues.


The workshop sessions and training act as "live laboratories" for these leaders, enabling them to develop and refine their leadership skills, engage in reflective practices, and receive valuable feedback from their peers and trainers to continually adapt and improve. Beyond personal growth, this experience offers the gratification of giving back to the community and positively impacting their peers' learning journeys.

Leadership Curriculum

Leadership is one of the cross-functional minors available within the full-time MBA to complement the coursework in your specialization and round out your skills and functional training.

Additionally, the course, Elements of Leadership (GBA 442C) is available as a core elective.

The course focuses on developing personal readiness for leadership over the three to five years after graduation from Simon. While it uses contemporary theories of leadership and adult development as frames of reference, the course drives individual readiness for more effective self, team, and business/opportunity leadership through a series of readings and experiential exercises. Course work is designed to deepen participants’ familiarity with their personal leadership strengths, challenges, and potential blindspots, leading to a personal philosophy of leadership and an agenda for continued development.


Graduate Business Council

Through its Executive Council, the GBC serves as a liaison between students, faculty, and administration. The GBC organizes a variety of activities for all students, including picnics, parties, Rochester-area sporting events, and a Fall Ball—providing avenues outside the classroom to meet fellow students, socialize, and develop relationships in a collegial atmosphere. Students are also encouraged to meet with GBC officers for input on school issues.

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Industry and Professional Clubs


Industry-focused clubs provide events, networking opportunities, and co-curricular training to augment your academic preparation and enhance your professional development. Club life can be a valuable tool in helping you become a true thought leader within their industry. Learn about the most up to date business trends directly from industry leading experts. Participate in case competitions that showcase your skills and pit you against students from some of the world’s best business schools. Take part in career workshops and treks targeted at your specific industry. You’ll also attend events and corporate tours, giving you a chance to visit with employers. You may even gain exclusive access to senior alumni and corporate contacts.

Simon Consulting Club

The Simon Consulting Club is focused on building a pathway for students to enter careers in Consulting, Technology, Operations, and Product Management while developing members to become consulting leaders. Through workshops focused on networking, case interviews, job specific skills, and product management, Simon Consulting Club is dedicated to providing exposure and preparation.

Simon Data Analytics Club

Big data is driving performance and competitiveness across all industries, making it critical that today’s business leaders understand how to analyze it, and how to execute on that information. By coupling our expertise in analytics and our economics-based curriculum, we pride ourselves on being “Unabashedly Analytical”. The Simon Data Analytics Club supports the school's vision by promoting an environment which provides a deeper understanding of data analytics concepts through training, competitions, corporate treks, and industry engagement. Through advanced Excel Training and Tableau Visualization, students are provided with tools and methods widely used in the industry today. 

Social impact and corporate responsibility are at the core of Simon’s Net Impact “2018 Chapter of the Year Finalist” chapter. Members become part of the national organization, gain access to exclusive job boards, receive subsidies for the Net Impact Conference, participate in a Washington, D.C. corporate trek, receive guidance from a deep alumni board that spans various industries, have the opportunity to become a non-voting board member at such non-profits as Food Link, Dress for Success, and the Strong Museum of Play, they receive support for their participation in the Hult Prize, and gain access to various joint events with other clubs.

Explore real estate through an entrepreneurial lens by discovering a broad range of real estate topics through course curriculum, experiential learning, and by leveraging the Simon Business School and University of Rochester's network to build strong bonds with alumni, real estate entrepreneurs, and the greater Rochester community.

Simon Accounting Association (SAA) focuses on students pursuing long-term careers in accounting and related industries. It increases the visibility of the Simon MS Accounting program, as well as the MBA program's accountancy concentration, and provides MS Accounting and MBA students with resources that will help them prepare for successful careers. The club sponsors accounting-focused professional development programming and workshops, provides networking opportunities, and creates a sense of community for accounting students through mentoring programs and social events.

The Simon Finance & Investment Club (SFIC) is for students who want to develop a career in Investment & Asset Management, Investment Banking, Sales & Trade, Private Equity, Research and Valuation, Financial Consulting, Hedge Funds Industry, Corporate Finance, or any role related to Finance.

SFIC members are provided with programming that includes industry specific training, access to the Meliora Fund, mentorship, and access to networking events, pitch competitions, trading competitions, case competitions, mock interview preparation, firm-wide presentations, cocktail networking events, CV reviews, financial valuation and modeling workshops, and career fair preparations.

Simon Life Sciences (SLS)

Simon Life Sciences (SLS) is a collaborative effort of students and faculty focused on fostering the understanding of the rapidly changing life sciences and healthcare environment.  SLS provides opportunities to support and develop student interests in pursuing careers in businesses related to healthcare and the life sciences industries, which include biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, hospital management, healthcare insurance and healthcare consulting.  Club members attend executive seminars, recruiting trip and conferences to help prepare members for interviews, internships, and future positions in the healthcare industry. 

Simon Marketing Association (SMA)

The Simon Marketing Association (SMA) brings together current students, alumni, faculty, and business leaders who share a common interest in marketing. With a strong focus on connecting Simon students to our Marketing alumni base, SMA will also complement curricular content with career conference and interview prep, lunch and learn sessions, corporate tours, marketing-specific data training, and case competition participation to ensure members are prepared for their marketing careers.

Simon Pricing Club (SPC) fosters an understanding of the pricing domain and promotes the Pricing industry among Simon students. SPC has helped to build a vibrant pricing community at Simon that has created outstanding pricing professionals that live up to Simon’s reputation as a pioneer in Pricing. The club compliments Simon Pricing curriculum with events and programs providing hands-on and up to date insight into the industry. SPC continues to leverage Simon’s nearly exclusive pricing specialization among business schools in ways that have helped establish Simon as the preeminent pricing program

Simon Product Management Club

Looking to break into Product Management (PM)?  Wondering what a career in PM looks like?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!  Simon Business School now has its own Product Management Club to support MBA and MS candidates interested in pursuing PM careers.  With growing interest from students in this field, and the growing number of Simon students entering PM roles post-graduation, it was the right time to launch this club! 


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Diversity & Educational Organizations


As one of the most diverse Full-Time MBA programs in the nation, Simon’s dynamic student body represents cultures and ideas from all over the world. Diversity and educational clubs celebrate and educate the Simon community. Simon's diversity gives you an edge on understanding the globally connected world in which we work.

Latin American Students of Simon (LASOS) provides Simon students with business knowledge and networking opportunities in the US and Latin American markets, and increase the exposure of students to the business and cultural environment. LASOS is focused on increasing career development and information exchange with other Simon clubs, national Latino associations, and top business schools. The club plays an important role in supporting incoming students with events and programming as they adapt and adjust to life in a new environment. 

Simon Africa Business Club connects Simon faculty, students, and staff to raise interest, awareness, and understanding of the African business landscape. The club strives to raise awareness and provide support for Simon students seeking business and career opportunities in Africa and across the world. The club also campaigns for coverage of relevant topics and cases about African economic landscapes in Simon's academic and social programming.

Simon Black Student Alliance (SBSA) provides a forum for students interested in the economic advancement of African Americans in the United States. Our members participate in activities designed to promote and enhance professional, academic, and personal achievement. SBSA offers excellent career guidance, professional development, mentorship, workshops, guest speakers, and volunteer and community service opportunities. SBSA members strive to enrich each club member's MBA experience, as well as the communities of Simon Business School, the University of Rochester, and the City of Rochester—and encourages the participation and inclusion of all diverse members of the Simon community.

Simon Pride Alliance’s mission is to foster an inclusive community and safe space at Simon Business School by allowing our members to blossom in both their personal and professional identities. Through programming, we provide the Simon Community with access to proper and relevant education surrounding LGBTQ+ issues as related to the workplace. We engage with the greater University of Rochester and local LGBTQ+ community through volunteerism and philanthropy.

Simon Women in Business (SWiB)

Simon Women in Business (SWiB) builds a community that supports women in leadership while providing personal and professional connections. In partnership with the Simon Forte Foundation chapter, our goal is to provide Simon women with a multitude of professional resources and opportunities, while strengthening our community across Simon, University of Rochester, and the Rochester region. 

Asians in America (ASIAM) provides a place to celebrate Asian cultures and identities, a safe space to talk about the Asian experience personally and professional at Simon and beyond, and a forum to promote allyship across the University of Rochester.


Three Students Playing Basketball
Social and Athletic Organizations


Business school doesn't have to be all business. Simon’s social and athletic clubs give you opportunities to enjoy the company of your peers and connect with our community. Join a recreational sports team, become a volunteer in the local community, work on your communications skills in a fun, low-risk setting, and most importantly create lasting memories with your classmates!

Simon Gaming Club provides students with fun activities and an opportunity to engage in networking, friendship building, and de-stressing from school work. We come together for activities such as big screen gaming nights, board game nights, social activities, and much more. 

Simon Sports is a platform for students interested in sports and wellness to come together for recreational and competitive events. Intramural sports are an integral part of the Simon experience, and our goal is to create teams that represent Simon in competition and are built on inclusion, new experiences, and a healthy competitive spirit. Students come together for weekly soccer, basketball, and cricket practices on campus, and University intramural leagues. Simon also participates in external business school soccer and basketball tournaments annually.

Simon Partners brings together the spouses, partners, and families of students and encourages them to become a part of the Simon Business School community. It is important that our students know their families can smoothly transition to life in Rochester, and are provided with opportunities to make new friends, be enriches by other cultures, and learn new things about the Simon and Rochester community and create lasting memories together. Simon Partners host weekly educational, social, and recreational activities for adults and children.

Simon Says fosters a positive and supportive environment that allows members to practice and improve their communication and public speaking skills. Students are provided with a platform to present or speak on a topic of their choosing in a low-risk environment with a focus on becoming more comfortable in front of an audience. 

Simon UNcorked

Simon UNcorked was founded on the belief that our students should take advantage of every opportunity to set themselves apart from other members of the business community.Beer, wine, and spirits have become an important part of the business networking culture and without a solid foundation and education, you can find yourself in embarrassing situations. Suppose you are hosting a business dinner. You carefully researched the restaurant's wine list in preparation for the dinner and selected a wine you thought would be ideal. Upon being seated at dinner, the waiter informs you that they are out of the wine and asks you to make another selection. WHAT DO YOU DO?! Simon UNcorked ensures you'll be prepared. 

Simon Volunteers

Members of Simon Volunteers realize there is more to business than simple profitability. Our mission is to positively represent Simon Business School in the greater Rochester community and to enhance the lives of community members through building character in ourselves. We understand that we can make a difference in the lives of others through social responsibility and involvement in the community. Examples of our annual projects include: Fall Ball Secret Santa Fundraiser, Simon Secret Santa program, Ronald McDonald House, Rochester City School District tutoring and mentoring initiatives, Habitat for Humanity, and much more.