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To say we emphasize the analytical doesn’t mean we just focus on computation. It means we challenge you to think rigorously and deeply about the drivers of any given situation.

  • Alan Moreira
  • Associate Professor, Finance

An Innovative MBA Curriculum

Simon Business School has long been regarded as a world leader in quantitative, economics-based education. Our MBA curriculum integrates analytics-based academics with hands-on opportunities to prepare for your career. Courses are designed to provide you with the tools to understand, explain, and predict business behaviors—while staying at the forefront of the global business marketplace.

Our curriculum allows you to:

  • Take more electives in the first year, and take them earlier in your program of study.

  • Travel through your curricular experience with a cohort of students with similar career interests.

  • Enter the workforce as a polished professional by taking two required breadth electives designed to prepare you with the skills employers desire.

Option for STEM Designation

Each of our Full-Time MBA specializations offers an option for STEM designation. Graduating with a STEM-designated MBA can give you a leg up in the job search, as corporate recruiters often see STEM designation as validation of a program’s rigor. For international students, there’s an additional benefit: the opportunity to extend Optional Practical Training (OPT) by 24 months, for a total of three years without H1B visa sponsorship, if hired into a STEM-eligible role.


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It All Starts at the Core

At the heart of our academics is the Simon core: nine required courses, a Communicating Business Decisions sequence, and a client project aligned with your future career interests, which together act as the foundation for the rest of your education. The core curriculum (twelve required courses) defines the Simon MBA and distinguished our graduates distinct from the crowd.

The Simon core courses:

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ACC 401

Corporate Financial Accounting

CIS 401A

Information Systems for Management

FIN 402

Capital Budgeting & Corporate Objectives

GBA 401

Structured Problem Solving in Teams

GBA 411

Business Modeling

GBA 412

Data Analytics

MKT 402

Marketing Management

OMG 402

Operations Management

STR 401

Managerial Economics

STR 421

Competitive Strategy

MGC 401

Professional Communication: Persuasion in Business Relationships

MGC 402

Influence in Interpersonal Interactions

Distinguish yourself with skills companies demand.

You’ll also enrich your studies by choosing managerial breadth electives designed to bolster professional skills employers desire. We require students to choose at least two breadth electives in order to satisfy the Managerial Breadth degree requirement, select a real-world project class, and successfully complete an internship with a US company. We want to ensure every Simon MBA enters the workforce positioned to make an immediate impact.

Core electives—choose two of the following:

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GBA 441

Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

GBA 442C

Elements of Leadership

GBA 435

Negotiation Theory & Practice: Bargaining Value

STR 403

Organization & Strategy

STR 427

Organization Behavior

Project Class—choose one of the following:

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MKT 441

Brand Management Workshop

MKT 450

Product Management Workshop

FIN 450

Finance Project: Investment Portfolio Analysis

CIS 461

Strategy and Business Systems Consulting Practicum

Required Internship:

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GBA 490

American Business Practice Year 1 Summer Semester

Add a Dimension to Your MBA

Customize your MBA toward your career goals by choosing a specialization. Our 10 specializations, arranged in three tracks, will give you the opportunity to take a deep dive into an area of study. We are the first MBA program in the US to offer a STEM-designated option to students in any specialization, which signals analytical and quantitative rigor to employers.

10 Specializations

Our specializations take a deep dive in one area of focus. Your coursework will be linked to co-curricular and career-search activities that align with your short-term career goals. Or, you can follow our General Management track to choose from a broad selection of courses.


Asset Management
Corporate Finance
Venture Capital & Private Equity

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Brand Management
Product Management 

Deep dive into the Marketing track »



Deep dive into the Consulting track »


10 Minors

Complement the coursework in your specialization with a minor, which will round out your skills and functional training.


Global Business
Health Sciences Management


Consulting—Operations and Technology
Consulting—Strategy and Pricing




MBA Requirements and Course Descriptions

To earn the Master’s of Business Administration degree, a full-time student must complete 68 credit hours of study with a minimum 3.0 grade-point average. Although not required, a student may complete a specialization or minor. For students interested in the STEM-designated MBA, 50% or more of their total credits earned must come from STEM-designated classes.

Simon Course Catalog

Download our course catalog below to explore all requirements and full course descriptions for our full-time MBA program.

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