Students studying and walking at the University of Rochester River Campus in Rochester, New York.

Thinking of getting a graduate business degree? It’s never too early to start planning your future.

Business school is closer than you think—in fact, one of the best business schools in the country is just across campus. We embrace the spirit of Meliora in everything we do. Let us be part of your journey to become ever better. Read on to discover admissions benefits for University of Rochester undergraduate students.

Benefits for U of R undergrads who apply to Simon.

Simon Business School offers four specialized master’s programs—Accountancy, Finance, Marketing Analytics, and Business Analytics—and all are STEM-designated, which verifies quantitative and analytical rigor of the study plans.

As a University of Rochester undergraduate student, you can take advantage of the following benefits. For more information, contact

  • Application fee waiver (a $90 value)
  • Guaranteed $10,000 in scholarship support
  • Option to waive the GMAT or GRE application requirement*

*Please note: if you have limited or weak performance in math or business courses, we recommend either taking non-matriculating courses or submitting a standardized test score to demonstrate your capabilities.