Avery Haviv, Associate Professor of Marketing, and winner of two Superior Teaching Awards in 2022.

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The Simon community is small by design. In fact, it is the smallest of the top-ranked business schools, which offers students the opportunity to work closely with world class scholars. Simon doesn’t require a specific undergraduate major or a minimum work experience; scholars are free to choose from any of our six research focus areas.

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Economics and Management

Economics & Management is designed to develop economists skilled in conducting research on a broad variety of firm-related topics. The curriculum explores topics such as how relative firm performance is affected by dynamic strategic decisions. Economics and management faculty are actively engaged in theoretical and empirical research on a variety of issues. Weekly seminars provide students with early access to research by Simon faculty and world-class speakers from other institutions.

Jeanine Miklós-Thal, Professor, Research Fellow.

  • What is the Cost of Compromise?

    Heikki Rantakari and Alessandro Bonatti

    When it comes to group decision making, which kind of structure works best? Simon professor Heikki Rantakari, with Alessandro Bonatti of Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explores the effects of consensus decision making on group performance in “The Politics of Compromise.” The paper was published in American Economic Review.

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  • Colluding Through Suppliers

    Jeanine Miklós-Thal

    In a new study, Assistant Professor Jeanine Miklós-Thal shows that retailers can collude more easily on the prices consumers pay by also agreeing among them to pay above-cost wholesale prices and slotting fees to their suppliers. “Colluding Through Suppliers” is the first to look at collusion on wholesale prices as a method to facilitate collusion on output prices.

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  • Understanding Incentive

    Jeanine Miklós-Thal

    Jeanine Miklós-Thal and co-author Hannes Ullrich were looking for a way to test whether future career prospects affect current effort incentives when they hit upon the perfect testing ground: European soccer. “Soccer is a nice way to test these incentives,” says Miklós-Thal, assistant professor of economics and marketing at the Simon School. “You need an environment where some people have a chance to be promoted and others do not. You can’t test the same thing in a business environment.”


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