Mitch Lovett Teaches His MS in Marketing Analytics Class

Designed with your goals in mind.

Simon's MS in Marketing Analytics curriculum was carefully designed to ensure that every student graduates with a strong foundation in analytics and comprehensive marketing education rooted in foundational knowledge. You'll gain statistical and analytical skills, and strategies that will make you the go-to person for evidence-based insights and answers.


Choosing between internship and non-internship tracks.

Full-Time MS in Marketing Analytics students can choose between internship and non-internship tracks to accommodate their goals. The non-internship track has a shorter timeline, but the benefits of the internship track are many, including a wealth of valuable real-world experience that can prepare you for career success and help differentiate you from other candidates during your job search. A majority of our students choose this path for the hands-on experience and career preparation it provides.

Students are encouraged to consider the value that internships offer. Hands-on experience in the workplace is a great way to gain a competitive edge. While valuable, an internship is not required and it is important to note that we can’t guarantee placement. Talk with the Admissions Office about which track is right for you, and get more information on the Full-Time MS in Marketing Analytics program in our course catalog.

Real World Experience

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Program Requirements

Students will work with an academic advisor to meet the MS in Marketing Analytics degree requirements and select elective courses that align with their career goals.

Click on a card for a brief course description. (Note: this chart is subject to change).

GBA 464

Programming for Analytics

MGC 461

Professional Communication

GBA 424

Analytics Design & Applications

GBA 462P

Core Statistics for MS Students Using Python

GBA 436R

Predictive & Causal Analytics in R

GBA 463

Economics & Marketing Strategy for MS Students

MKT 414

Pricing Policies

MKT 465

Marketing Analytics Project

CIS 467

Data Management, Warehousing & Visualization

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Choose 4 electives.

Click on a card for a description of that course.

CIS 432

Machine Learning for Business Analytics

CIS 468

Spreadsheet Modeling Using Excel

GBA 478

AI and Business

MKT 413

Product Managment

MKT 437

Digital Marketing

MKT 438

B2B Pricing

MKT 440

Pricing Analytics

CIS 433

AI and Deep Learning

CIS 434

Social Media & Text Analytics

MKT 431

Consumer Behavior

MKT 439

Advanced Pricing

MKT 451

Consumer & Brand Research

Simon’s MS in Marketing Analytics program is STEM designated.

Simon's specialized master's program in Marketing Analytics meets all the requirements for a STEM-designated program. The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) designation signals analytical rigor to employers and also offers international students the opportunity to extend their Optional Practical Training (OPT) by 24 months—for up to three full years of US work eligibility without and H-1B visa.

Get more information on the MS in Marketing Analytics curriculum by downloading the course catalog.