Avery Haviv, Associate Professor of Marketing, and winner of two Superior Teaching Awards in 2022.

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The Simon community is small by design. In fact, it is the smallest of the top-ranked business schools, which offers students the opportunity to work closely with world class scholars. Simon doesn’t require a specific undergraduate major or a minimum work experience; scholars are free to choose from any of our six research focus areas.

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Operations Management

The operations of a firm involve the acquisition of productive resources by IT, their configuration into a productive system, and their utilization in producing goods and services. These activities require decision making at strategic, planning, and scheduling levels. Operations Management is concerned with formulating and solving such decision problems. This demands the realistic modeling of these decision problems, as well as the knowledge of the relevant methodology and, very often, the development of new theory and techniques.

Ricky Roet-Green, Associate Professor, teaching students.

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Phillip Lederer
Emeritus Professor of Operations Management and Data Analytics