Eric Gelsomin

Eric Gelsomin

Visiting Assistant Professor
Area(s) of Expertise

Eric received a Ph.D. in accounting from the Boston College Carroll School of Management in August 2022. His research interests include financial reporting and decision-making, with a lens on the role played by technology and information systems. He is broadly interested in studying how changes or advancements in technology, as well as new information and control systems, affect firms’ information environments and ultimately managerial decisions.

Prior to starting the Ph.D. program at Boston College, Eric worked as a CPA auditing federal defense contracts and public companies’ internal controls over financial reporting, including the evaluation of internal controls and information systems.

Research Interests

Information economics, financial reporting, investment, and decision making under uncertainty

Teaching Interests

Managerial accounting, financial accounting, information and control systems, and data analytics

3-160 H Carol Simon Hall