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We believe that an inclusive atmosphere benefits all members of the Simon community.

That’s why we’ve committed to creating an environment where all students flourish. The Office of Student Engagement fosters inclusion and a strong sense of community through our orientation events, semesterly kickoffs, our wide breadth of student organizations and activities, and through our community outreach programs. There are so many ways to get involved and become a part of what makes Simon special.

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Simon’s orientation program is filled with activities that go beyond bonding.

This is where you’ll begin developing or expanding upon your leadership skills by discovering more about yourself and your abilities, appreciating the insights of contributions of others, and taking advantage of your first opportunities to lead others as a Simon student. You’ll also:

  • Begin expanding upon your global awareness and appreciation for diversity
  • Have opportunities to give back to the community in collaboration with your fellow students
  • Explore business ethics and how to integrate them in your career

Diversity & Educational Clubs

Friendships and personal connections are an integral part of the educational experience. Our clubs are vital part of life at Simon, helping you share your cultural perspective with its challenges and strengths, as well as your unique personal experiences, so you can broaden your worldview and connect with others to become not only a better leader, but the best version of yourself.

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Simon Students Share Their Culture
Simon Students Meet for Diversity Week

Simon Diversity & Inclusion Center of Excellence

Simon’s Diversity and Inclusion Center of Excellence exists to foster a community atmosphere of mutual respect by promoting cultural awareness, leading responsible dialogue, and inspiring social change. It plays an important role in the student experience by encouraging the entire Simon community to come together to celebrate individual and cultural differences, and give students a chance to walk in each other’s shoes.

The Simon Diversity and Inclusion Center of Excellence includes the following student clubs and organizations:

  • Simon Black Student Alliance
  • Latin American Students of Simon
  • Simon Women in Business
  • Simon Pride Alliance
  • Simon Africa Business Club

Taking advantage of these opportunities during your time at Simon can help develop your leadership skills, and prepare you for a globally-minded business world.

Simon Women in Business (SWiB)

Simon Women in Business (SWiB)

Simon Women in Business (SWiB) is a dynamic organization dedicated to raising awareness of the issues and concerns faced by women in business today, while empowering female students with programs and information to help them meet—and exceed—those challenges.

Learn about inclusive opportunities for all students at Simon through Simon clubs.