Photo of Matt Mazzaferro

Matthew Mazzaferro

Adjunct Faculty

Matthew Mazzaferro is a marketing executive with 17+ years of experience in brand marketing and strategic consulting. He has successfully led legacy brands turnarounds, brand re-positions, line extension launches and new-to-world product introductions across a diverse number of companies and industries. Also has driven success across a range of businesses, including global brands with revenues upwards of > $400 million all the way to pre-revenue start-ups. He has driven growth on every brand managed, while also being the main growth engine in the broader organization, including with a venture capital department where he identified companies that will fuel the future growth of the global organization, 5-10 years down the road. He earned his MBA from Simon Business School with a concentration in Marketing and Competitive Organizational Strategy and hold his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from the University of Rochester.  

Teaching Interests
  • Marketing

  • Brand Management

  • Organizational Strategy