Open to Full-Time MSBA and MSMA Students

(Internship and Non-Internship Track)

In response to valuable feedback from our graduates and insights from the Benet Career Management Center, we've identified a strong student interest in specializing in pricing within their analytics program studies to better equip themselves for their future careers. At Simon, we are committed to maintaining our leadership position in this area, which is why we're introducing the Advanced Certificate of Achievement in Pricing. This certificate not only signifies a high level of pricing competency for MS Business Analytics and Marketing Analytics students but also reinforces the focus on pricing within their educational journey.

Master Pricing for Business

This Advanced Certificate of Achievement represents a technical competence in pricing for business students.

To earn it, an MS Business Analytics or Marketing Analytics student must complete 7.5 credits. Students are required to take the following course:

MKT 414

Pricing Policies (2.5 Credits)
Students also choose two of the following courses (each worth 2.5 credits):

MKT 440

Pricing Analytics

MKT 438

B2B Pricing

MKT 439

Advanced Pricing


•    Receive a Certificate of Achievement in Pricing
•    Class credits count toward certificate and degree
•    Optional benefit with no additional cost or time to complete*
•    Maintains STEM designation
•    Signals expertise and career focus to corporate recruiters

*Students can only count credits from a master’s degree toward one advanced certificate of achievement. More than one advanced certificate during a master’s degree requires additional credits; accordingly, the student may incur additional costs.