Simon Bizcast Podcast

Curious about a specialized master's degree at Simon? Tune in for this discussion with all four of our MS admissions counselors as they answer frequently asked questions they receive, including how to report test scores, how we evaluate for scholarship, and if one part of the application is more important than the others—spoiler alert: all parts are weighted equally! Don't miss this opportunity to listen to members of Simon's Admissions Committee offer their best advice to prospective MS students.

Panelists include:

Maureen Plavnicky, senior assistant director of admissions (MS in Finance)

Jennifer Crandall, senior associate director of admissions (MS in Business Analytics, MS in Marketing Analytics)

Trista Kukucka, assistant director of admissions (MS in Accountancy, MS in Business Analytics)

Nicole Guzski, senior assistant director of admissions (MS in Finance)

During the summer months, our MS students head off to their internships or full-time jobs and therefore, have limited bandwidth. If you want to learn more about the Simon experience, contact the Admissions Office and we'll connect you with either a student or recent alum of the program you're interested in. Check back in the fall to speak with our Admissions Ambassadors for the 2019-20 academic year!



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