Simon Bizcast Podcast

Rebekah Lewin, Simon's assistant dean of admissions and financial aid, joins Heather to chat about the ways in which prospective students can use the summer months to prepare for business school before the application opens. Rebekah walks through the elements of the Simon application, pieces she recommends starting now, and her best advice on how to shine as a candidate. 

Visiting Campus: If you're interested in Simon's full-time MBA, mark your calendar for Experience Simon Weekend with Diversity Conference on October 11–12 and Experience Simon Weekend with Women's Conference on November 8–9. Our signature events allow you to picture yourself as a Simon student and offer the option to conduct your admissions interview in person. 

If you're interested in one of our full-time MS programs, schedule an individual campus visit to get a taste of life as a Simon master's student in Rochester. 

Check Your Eligibility: If you're interested in getting personalized feedback on your candidacy before you apply, please email your résumé or CV (and test scores) to We will respond in 3–5 business days with our experienced feedback on your qualifications.



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