AI Seminar Event

Simon Business School presents a panel of faculty to share their insights and use cases as early movers in generative AI for business education.

Simon blazed trails as one of the first business schools to integrate generative AI into its curriculum. Find out how they did it and what faculty have learned.

Discussion topics will include:
  • Training faculty, staff, students, and alumni
  • Grants 
  • Policy changes
  • Development of new courses/integration of generative AI into a broad set of existing courses 
  • Learning from the expertise of alumni


Join us for a live panel on Monday, March 4, at
12:00 PM EST


  • Mitch Lovett, Senior Associate Dean of Education & Innovation, Benjamin Forman Professor of Marketing—Simon Business School

  • Dan Keating, Clinical Assistant Professor and Faculty Director of Academic Support—Simon Business School

  • Ravi Mantena, Clinical Professor of Computers and Information Systems—Simon Business School

Moderated by Sevin Yeltekin, Dean—Simon Business School

Shaping success with gen AI integration. 

Recognizing the transformative impact of generative AI on all industries, the University of Rochester’s Simon Business School initiated a comprehensive AI initiative in the summer of 2023. This strategic move, integrating generative AI through training, curriculum, workshops, and policy, has swiftly positioned Simon as a leader in the evolving business landscape, profoundly impacting teaching methods and enhancing student experiences.


40-minute moderated questions, 20-minute audience Q&A