Q: How can I register for Simon Games and what is the registration fee?

A: Registration for the Fall Games opens in early September and registration for the Spring Games opens in mid January. During the registration process, you will be required to submit your résumé or LinkedIn URL and pay a $30.00 USD registration fee.

Q: What is the registration deadline?

A: Please refer to the Fall Games and Spring Games pages for specific details on registration deadlines.

Q: How do I know if I have successfully registered for the Simon Games?

A: Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation receipt via email. If you do not receive the email, contact the Admissions & Programs Office at simongames@simon.rochester.edu or (585) 275-3533.

Q: When can I expect to receive detailed Simon Games instructions?

A: On the day the Games begin, each participant will receive an email with simulation instructions and login information as an official kickoff to the Games. If you don’t receive this email, you should contact the Admissions & Programs Office immediately at simongames@simon.rochester.edu or (585) 275-3533.

Q: How many hours should I dedicate to Simon Games?

A: The simulation is completely self-paced, meaning you can space out your decisions throughout the two-week competition, or you can complete the simulation all in one session. We encourage you to play in the method that best fits your schedule. Depending on your simulation, it will take between one to three hours to complete.

On average, we find:

  • The MS simulations can take a total of 2 – 4 hours to complete.
  • The MBA simulations can take between 10 – 18 hours to complete.

Q: How many competitors will be playing for scholarships?

A: It varies. On average, you should expect 30 competitors in your challenge (based on program of interest).

Q: Who should I contact with questions while playing Simon Games?

A: You can email for support directly from within the game interface. You can also email the Simon Games Administration Team at simongames@simon.rochester.edu.

Q: Who will be invited to the final round (Report to the Board)?

A: At the conclusion of the game, the competitors’ scores will be tabulated. The top participants from each challenge (based on program) will be notified by email that they are finalists and are invited to give a 10-minute presentation in the final round of the competition, Report to the Board. The number of finalists will vary by game and will depend on the overall number of competitors in each game.

Q: Who are the board members?

A: The board is composed of Simon Business School faculty, staff, alumni, and current students who have participated in the games previously.

Q: How should I prepare if I am invited to report to the board?

A: Each participant will give a 10-minute presentation on their performance in the competition before the board. Finalists will receive further instructions on presentation guidelines and expectations after they’ve received notification that they have been chosen to report to the board.

Q: How are scholarships distributed among the challenges (player groups)?

A: A full-tuition scholarship will be awarded to the first-place competitor in each challenge (based on program). This means in the fall, there will be a Full-Time MBA grand prize winner, a Full-Time MS grand prize winner, and a Professional MBA grand prize winner. Remaining finalists will be guaranteed scholarship support if they are admitted and enroll in a Simon program in the next matriculating term. In total, over $500,000 in scholarships will be awarded to the finalists (combined).

Q: Is there someone I can contact to discuss my program of interest?

A: Of course! Please contact the Admissions & Programs Office at (585) 275-3533 or admissions@simon.rochester.edu. We are happy to provide additional information as you explore our programs.

Q: If I am not selected as a finalist, are there any other scholarships available?

A: Yes! Upon completion of Simon Games, you we be evaluated for additional scholarship opportunities if you apply and are admitted to one of Simon’s programs.