Dre Collier
Simon prepares you for the real business world with professors who wrote the books on what they teach. It’s a tightknit community that is truly committed to your success in the workforce.
Small Class Size

Why Simon?

Dre chose Simon for its small size and rigorous curriculum. "Simon prepares you for the real business world," he explained. The focus on quantitative research and analytics was a critical aspect to the training Dre knew he would receive. "My career in consulting requires strong analytical skills. Simon's quantitative approach has definitely helped me with that. At Simon, it's merely a matter of how hard you are willing to work to reach your goal or meet your objective, because all of the academic and social supports are there to back you up."

Faculty Engagement

Dre's MBA experience was also greatly shaped by the accessible faculty at Simon. "Engagement with the professors is a hallmark of how they coached us throughout our time here," he says. "They are very committed to the students and willing to build strong relationships with us. Everyone is truly dedicated to making sure we understand the material and are prepared for the workforce."