Study rooms are reserved for students to study in groups and/or work on collaborative academic projects. Study rooms users are subject to all other University and Simon School policies and rules.

  • Study rooms are for the use of ALL Simon Business School Students
  • Study rooms are available for ALL UR students, but will be asked to leave if needed by Simon students
  • Users must be present in room while using it
  • Students may be asked to show ID’s, and asked to leave if Simon students need the room

Personal belongings may not be left unattended in the study room (except for a quick restroom break)

  • The Simon Staff reserves the right to remove unattended belongings from the study rooms
    • Belongings may be claimed at Schlegel 210
    • The Simon School is not responsible for personal belongings

Study rooms are not soundproof; users need to maintain study/work environment that does not disturb others.

All Students who use the study rooms are expected to leave the rooms in their original order, free of trash.

Study Room Etiquette

  • The study rooms and the technology in some of them are a privilege, respect them
  • Keep the room neat and clean; dispose of all garbage in the provided trash cans
  • No sleeping or napping
  • No watching movies
  • No graffiti or destruction of school property
  • No refusing to accommodate others if you are studying alone

Final Word

Treat others as you would like to be treated and accommodate other student’s needs. This is a professional business environment; you are expected to act in a manner that reflects that.

Simon Business School study rooms can be reserved through the online reservation system here:

University of Rochester Study Space

Additional individual quiet study space and open group study space is available on River Campus:

Quiet study space for focused concentration can be found in many places throughout Rush Rhees Library. Recommend locations include:

  • Welles-Brown Room
  • Messinger Reading Room
  • Messinger Graduate Study North (Graduate Students only)
  • Messinger Graduate Study South (Graduate Students only)
  • Great Hall
  • Robbins Library
  • Study carrels in the stacks

For collaboration and group study meeting space, Gleason Library is a prime spot. Check out the following locations:

  • Gleason Library IT Center
  • Art & Music Library
  • Hawkins-Carlson Reading Room
  • Rush Rhees Reference Area
  • Level 3 tables overlooking the courtyard
  • Lounges on A & B levels

Carlson Library Group study rooms can be reserved through the University online reservation system here: