Open to Full-Time MS Finance Students

(Internship and Non-Internship Track)

Students pursuing the Advanced Certificate of Achievement in FinTech and AI will gain an intricate understanding of the current state of FinTech and topics such as decentralized payments, peer-to-peer lending, credit risk models, and AI's impact on finance. The curriculum delves into AI's text data interpretation, machine learning fundamentals, and their application to financial marketing trends. Additionally, students will harness cutting-edge AI tools for value creation, including building ChatGPT prompts for business applications and accessing AI models in various programming environments.

Master Pricing for Business

This Advanced Certificate of Achievement represents a technical competence in pricing for business students.

To earn it, an MS Finance student must complete 7.5 credits via the following 3 courses (each worth 2.5 credits):

FIN 446

Financial Technology

FIN 418

Quantitative Finance with Python

GBA 478

AI & Business


•    Receive a Certificate of Achievement in FinTech and AI
•    Class credits count toward certificate and degree
•    Optional benefit with no additional cost or time to complete*
•    Maintains STEM designation
•    Signals expertise and career focus to corporate recruiters

*Students can only count credits from a master’s degree toward one advanced certificate of achievement. More than one advanced certificate during a master’s degree requires additional credits; accordingly, the student may incur additional costs.  

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Generative AI at Simon

At Simon, we provide our students with state-of-the-art training in generative AI, shaping leaders for the fast-paced business landscape of today. We're leading the way in integrating AI throughout our curriculum and extracurricular activities, reaffirming our status as a pioneer business education.