Generative AI at Simon

Pioneering generative AI integration for future success.

In the summer of 2023, Simon launched a comprehensive AI initiative, integrating generative AI across programs through training, curriculum, and workshops. One of the first steps was to create an AI policy—a simple, flexible framework easily communicated to students. Additionally, an AI task force of seven faculty members was formed to provide regular feedback and guidance. 

Shaping leaders for the era of generative AI.

At Simon, we equip our students with cutting-edge skills in generative AI, shaping leaders for today's dynamic business world. We're at the forefront of integrating AI across our curriculum and activities, solidifying Simon's position as a leader in this transformative field. Watch the video to find out more. 

Integrating Gen AI Into Business Education  

In this webinar, Simon faculty and administrative leaders have a practical conversation about their experiences integrating generative AI into the academic fabric. Watch to learn more. 

Generative AI in practice. 

Gen AI
In this Q&A, technology strategist Aditya Singh’08S (MBA) reflects on how generative AI is changing the world of work and predicts who will succeed in the new normal.
AI data analyst
In this Q&A, business analyst Benedikt Statt ’16S (MS) reflects on the benefits and the limitations of using generative AI in a data analytics role.
Generative AI
In the first installment of this Q&A series on generative AI, strategy consultant Jeff Sigel ’01S (MBA) describes four pillars of generative AI usage and warns against common pitfalls.
AI Jobs
With the advent of ChatGPT, what does artificial intelligence (AI) mean for the future of human labor? Professor Huaxia Rui shares his insights from a working paper on the subject.

Meet the faculty behind the initiative

Mitchell Lovett
Sr Assoc Dean, Education & Innovation
Benjamin Forman Professor of Marketing
Ravindra Mantena
Clinical Professor
Janice M. and Joseph T. Willett Professor of
Business Administration for Teaching and Service
Professor Huaxia Rui
Xerox Professor of
Computers & Information Systems