Our Scholarship Committee takes a holistic evaluation of every student’s potential when determining scholarship awards. Along with test results and academic performance, we recognize professional experience, extracurricular involvement, community contributions, and leadership capabilities. In addition to our flagship fellowships and scholarships, Full-Time MBA students may be eligible for one of the following opportunities:

Scholarship Students at Simon Business School at the University of Rochester

Baycross Christian Family Foundation Scholarship

Supports students of the Simon Business School with a commitment to social entrepreneurship. Preference is given to students in the Full-Time MBA program.

Preference is given to students in the Full-Time MBA program.

Chesonis Scholarship

Established through the generous support of Arunas Chesonis ’91S (MBA), ’04 (LLD) this scholarship is awarded to an outstanding Full-Time MBA student who has interest in the area of entrepreneurship.

Awarded to an outstanding student who has demonstrated capacity for success in our Full-Time MBA program. 

Established by Alan R. McGarry, in honor of his father, Dr. Edmund D. McGarry; awarded to a high-achieving Full-Time MBA student.

Awarded to a student with above-average academic achievement, leadership potential, and professional promise.

This award was established to recognize and partially support a Full-Time student who is pursuing their MBA studies at the Simon Business School. 

G. William Schwert Scholarship

Awarded to a Full-Time MBA student with a background or strong interest in entrepreneurship. 

Awarded to an outstanding MBA student who has demonstrated an interest and capacity for success in the area of finance. 

Goodenough Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a second year Full-Time MBA student who demonstrates entrepreneurial spirit, academic and extracurricular achievement, initiative, high integrity and significant leadership within the Simon community. 


Established by Mark Ain ’67S (MBA) and awarded to individuals who demonstrate a strong background or interest in entrepreneurship.

Established through the generous support of Brooks Automation, Inc. in honor of Michael F. Werner ’78; awarded to a deserving Full-Time MBA student pursuing an education and career in business or global operations in a manufacturing or technical industry.

Awarded to outstanding Early Leader candidates who have demonstrated a capacity for success in our MBA program.

Awarded to an MBA student based on academic excellence and a strong potential for success as a business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Awarded to a Full-Time MBA female candidate who demonstrates above-average academic aptitude, leadership skills, professional promise, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Schutzman Scholarship

Established by Mr. Leonard Schutzman, Class of 1969, former senior vice president at PepsiCo and Executive Professor at Simon, and is awarded to an outstanding candidate who has demonstrated high academic achievement.

Awarded to a deserving student who has demonstrated excellence in both academic and professional achievements and is returning to school after some years of work. 

Those accepted in the Teach for America program receive a scholarship award toward tuition, an application fee waiver, and consideration for an admission deferral of up to two years while working for TFA.