The first step in applying for a visa is the request for the I-20, which is completed through the University of Rochester International Services Office (ISO).

Rochester Planning Memo

Students should watch for an email (sent to personal or work account) from the University of Rochester with a link to provide the information needed for the I-20 Form. This will include some passport and financial information; students will also need to upload a copy of the passport and financial information.  You will need to use your University of Rochester NetID in order to complete this process; you will also need to use DUO and know your Student ID (UID). You received your account information shortly before you started the MBA Program; but you may need to initialize your set up.

International Services Office. Please refer here for details about the visa process, including preparing for your interview and what to do and expect when you arrive:  Procedures for Incoming Students.

A Required International Student Check-In needs to be completed when you arrive in Rochester. This will involve providing your I-94 card (available electronically after entering the U.S.) and updating your address in UR Student.  Details about the entire process will be provided.