December 8, 2023 | Sharise Kent

Sharise Kent


The following post was written by Sharise Kent, assistant director of MBA recruitment. Sharise works with prospective students who are considering the Full-Time MBA program at Simon Business School. As a Rochester native, she loves welcoming prospective students to Simon and Rochester to experience everything the school and the city have to offer.


January 5 is the Round 2 application deadline for the Full-Time MBA and MS programs at Simon Business School. If you missed the Round 1 deadline, Round 2 offers an incredible opportunity to submit a strong application and still be considered for merit-based scholarships.

Applying to graduate school can be a daunting task to manage in the midst of other responsibilities. For many, life slows down a little at the end of the year, creating a small space to devote greater energy to finishing graduate school applications. Use this time wisely to make progress daily. For those motivated to check applying to business school off of the list, Simon is waiving the application fee (a $90 value) for applicants who submit by December 15!

Here are a few other benefits to applying in Round 2:

1.) Generous merit-based scholarships are still available. 

Full-Time MBA candidates at Simon receive merit-based tuition scholarships that can range from $10,000 up to full tuition. Additionally, competitive MS degree candidates can also earn substantial merit-based scholarships. Scholarships are available every round, but submitting an application in Round 2 can improve your chances of securing an award verses waiting until a later round. Merit-based scholarships take into consideration a variety of factors, such as professional experience, academic performance, extracurricular involvement, and leadership.

2.) The chance to include your most recent experiences on your résumé.

If you have waited until Round 2 in expectation of a promotion or new job opportunity, make sure you update your résumé. Also, if you recently completed a significant project at work, received an impressive award, completed an accredited certificate program, or participated in a meaningful volunteer experience, those most recent professional contributions or achievements should be reflected on your résumé.

3.) You have time to improve your GMAT or GRE score. 

Simon does not require GMAT or GRE scores for the MBA or MS programs; however, candidates who choose to take either test are welcome to submit their scores (check out the class profile for your program of interest on our website for guidance—if your score falls within the middle 80%, we suggest you submit it!). Waiting for Round 2 provides the opportunity for more study time before the first attempt or time to improve on a lower score. Just make sure to allow enough time to get your scores submitted to Simon with your application by January 5.

4.) Extra time to develop a stronger application.

We all appreciate having a bit more time to complete a task. When applying in Round 2, the extra time can be used to do more research on Simon and your intended program, connect with current students and alumni, and potentially schedule a campus visit. This additional time can boost your confidence that you have developed clear short- and long-term goals, gained a deeper understanding of the program you are applying to, and assessed how you will contribute to the Simon community. 

5.) Improve your academic performance.

Our MS programs are designed for applicants with 0–2 years of professional work experience. For current undergraduate students who want to strengthen their academic profile, an additional semester of solid quantitative coursework can enhance your application and support your academic preparedness.  

Keep in mind that while Simon offers additional application rounds, applying sooner provides access to the most available scholarship funding. Also, candidates who apply by January 5 are guaranteed an admission decision by March 31, which leaves you plenty of time to plan before starting your degree.

No matter if you have just started or are nearly ready to hit submit, congratulations on taking steps toward fulfilling the huge goal of going to business school. For additional advice on the application, visit our website to listen to our webinar, “Application Tips from the Admissions Committee.” If you have questions about the MBA or MS programs or the application, reach out to the Simon Admissions Office. 

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