How to Submit Your Most Complete Application

October 4, 2023 | Admissions & Programs Team

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In Simon Admissions & Programs, we share the same goal: for you to submit a standout application. In order to do that, it's important that you submit a complete application. This will ensure your application is evaluated in the round you applied in and will keep you on track to receive your admission decision by the notification deadline for that round.  

Below are the most common reasons applications are marked incomplete. Our admissions processing team provided their best advice on how you can avoid these issues and keep your application moving through the admissions process in a timely manner!

Icon: resumeNot uploading transcripts from schools where transfer credits were earned. 

Transcripts are an important part of the application review, and processing can be held up if one or more are missing. We recommend you begin with the institution where you received (or expect to receive) your bachelor's degree, followed by other institutions you have attended or are currently attending, including graduate schools, summer courses, and transfer credit issuing colleges (if the transfer credit course name(s) and grade(s) is not already listed on another transcript)

We require a copy of your official transcript, which is a document issued by your institution. If you have completed your degree, your transcript or another approved document must include proof of degree conferral (e.g., degree awarded listed on transcript, diploma, or graduation certificate). To satisfy this requirement, scan the official document(s) and upload it into your application. If you’re still currently an undergraduate student, please upload a copy of your most recent official transcript. 

Blue icon of a diplomaNot including an official diploma if your transcripts don’t include a degree conferral date.

Our application processing team needs to confirm you earned an undergraduate degree prior to starting your studies at Simon. If your official transcripts do not include a degree conferral date and degree awarded, we require a copy of your diploma or graduation certificate to verify that information. The diploma needs to include your name, the degree awarded, and the date the degree was awarded. You can provide this to the Admissions Committee by scanning your diploma and uploading it into the Academic History section of the application with your transcript(s). If you earned any additional degrees, such as a graduate degree, you will need to follow the same process to provide proof of degree conferral. 

Icon: Clipboard with a paper and a seal on itNot including a GPA or grading scale. 

Applications sometimes are marked incomplete because they lack a GPA or grading scale. Before submitting your application, please be sure that you’ve uploaded the grading scale for your institution(s) in the Academic History section of the application so the Admissions Committee has what it needs to assess your academic performance within the grading parameters defined by your institution(s). 

Icon: paper with magnifying glassTest score formatting. 

Simon accepts an array of standardized tests, and each test has a slightly different format for their test score reports. Often issues arise when students try to crop their score reports, which then removes personal identifiable information. For the GMAT and GRE, candidates need to upload an uncropped GMAT Online/GRE official score report that shows their name, the test date, and the scores received all on one page.  

Additionally, pay close attention to the requirements for specific test scores. Using Duolingo as an example, candidates need to send their Official Duolingo Scores to Simon; there is no test score report upload in the application. If you registered for your exam with a different email address and/or name, please email us after sending your Duolingo English Test score so our team can match it to your application. 
We’re hopeful reviewing this list will prepare you to submit your most competitive—and most complete—application to your program of interest at Simon! If you’re looking for additional guidance, I invite you to review our webinars—The Simon Application and Application Tips webinars would be a great place to start! As always, never hesitate to reach out to the Admissions & Programs team with any questions you have.  
Remember, we’re here to support you as you work through your application. Best of luck! 

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