Anthony Flores Kuffó '25S (MBA)

Good news: while our final deadline has passed, we are accepting applications to our full-time MBA and MS programs on a space-available basis—meaning it’s still possible for you to begin business school this summer! To simplify the process, your $90 application fee is waived if you apply by May 24 at 11:59 p.m. EDT!

Every year promising candidates apply late in cycle, are admitted, and go on to find success in our programs. One such example is Anthony Flores Kuffó, a member of Simon’s MBA Class of 2025 who is interning at Gilead Sciences this summer. We asked Anthony about his experience applying later in the application cycle, what his transition to business school was like, advice for those considering applying now, and more.

What made you want to apply to business school? Why did you choose to apply later in the cycle?

My decision to pursue an MBA at a top school like Simon Business School stems from my desire to establish a new trajectory for my family. Being a first-generation immigrant from Ecuador, I recognized the value of a prestigious MBA in achieving success within corporate America. While navigating the immigration process to reunite with my mother, I strategically chose to apply during a later application cycle. Simon's flexible application deadlines allowed me to seamlessly transition into my business school education while concurrently supporting my family's needs.           

What factors weighed into choosing Simon?

In selecting the right MBA program, I prioritized a close-knit community, dedicated faculty and staff support, and access to financial aid through scholarships. Throughout the application process, Julie Sadwick and Sharise Kent from Admissions & Programs played a pivotal role in my decision. Their unwavering support and insightful guidance on how Simon could propel me toward achieving my post-MBA goals and aspirations were invaluable.

How was your transition to b-school on a relatively tight timeline?

With a relatively tight timeline leading up to the Consortium Orientation Program (OP), my transition to business school demanded a rapid acclimation process. As a Consortium Fellow, I had a short three weeks to prepare for the conference's intensity. While the pace was outside of my usual comfort zone, the Benet Center's resources and continuous support effectively equipped me with the necessary tools to navigate OP and recruitment moving forward.

What resources helped you prepare for your program after applying later in the admissions cycle?

Simon facilitated my transition by providing immediate access to a network of alumni and second-year students who had thrived in the Orientation Program (OP) and successfully recruited in finance, my target industry. Additionally, the program equipped me with the necessary tools to excel in both behavioral and technical interviewing. This included access to relevant preparatory resources, such as industry-standard texts like “400 Questions” and “Investment Banking” by Rosenbaum, alongside top-tier financial modeling and market certification programs like Wall Street Prep and Bloomberg Market Concepts.

What has been your favorite part of your Simon experience?

One of the most rewarding aspects of my MBA experience has been immersing myself in Simon's vibrant global community. Engaging daily with classmates from over 25 countries has fostered a rich learning environment. This exposure to diverse nationalities, cultures, and worldviews has broadened my perspective far beyond what a traditional classroom could offer.

What’s coming up for you this summer? What are your goals post-graduation?

My immediate focus is excelling at my summer internship at Gilead Sciences in Foster City, California, where I'll leverage the skills gained at Simon and marry it to my healthcare professional background to make a positive impact at a leading biotech company. Long-term, I'm passionate about transitioning into healthcare private equity to champion health equity initiatives and improve access to quality healthcare for underserved communities nationwide.

What advice do you have for prospective students wondering if they should apply this time of year?

For prospective students considering a later application cycle, my experience at Simon Business School underscores the value of pursuing your goals. The return on investment at Simon, both in terms of academic rigor and career opportunities, is undeniable. The late-stage flexibility offered by the program allowed me to seamlessly transition into my studies while managing other commitments.

If you are an international student and you do not currently have a student visa, please note that there are time sensitivities surrounding the visa process. We encourage you to work through the application with urgency. If you have questions or would like to discuss your individual candidacy or next steps, reach out to us at admissions@simon.rochester.edu.

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