Ruiqi Xu

Graduating student spotlight: Ruiqi Xu ’23S (MSBA)

March 1, 2023 | By Sean Clancy


In this Q&A, we hear from Ruiqi Xu, a recent Master of Business Analytics (MSBA) graduate, about his experiences at Simon and what future Simon students can expect.

What are your best memories from the MSBA program?

I met many fellow classmates in the MSBA program. Living and studying with them was not only interesting, but I also learned a lot. What impressed me the most was in 2021 Fall B, there were so many cases and exams. My classmates and I were under a lot of pressure. Although that period was very difficult, I learned how to deal with stress, how to work on a team, and how to complete a business case efficiently and with high quality.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I hope that I am hired by a great company and quickly master the role by learning as much as possible about the day-to-day responsibilities and the company’s business model. In addition, I hope to become a productive and reliable team member by using my data processing, visualizing, and other skills to support the team.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Five years from now, I hope that I have gained leadership experience within a great company. I hope to have become a lead data analyst in finance or tech, leading data analysis strategies and developing new opportunities for the company's growth. And I know I will only achieve that goal if I work hard, gain experience, and impress my employer. Besides that, I hope one day I can build a great professional network within the company and the whole industry.

Any advice for future MSBA students?

I think what students who have just entered school need to know most is what skills and experiences will be needed in the future of the industry they want to work in. After you know this, you can prepare for course selection, study, and write a resume. Besides that, my advice to future students is to always stay ahead of the plan. I only had some project experiences that I could put in my resume at the end of Fall B, but that was a little late for applying for a summer internship. I wish I had written these projects in my resume at the beginning of the project. That would have been a great help.

Share a cool fact about yourself.

I'm a person who is very obsessed with sports and sport competition. So much so that I just had surgery on my knee, but still want to play sports every day, go skiing, and play basketball.

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Sean Clancy

Sean Clancy is the Master of Science in Business Analytics Director at Simon Business School.

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