Simon talent offers a competitive edge in pricing.

April 20, 2023 | By Bret Ellington


Pricing is one of the most important, least understood disciplines in business. For decades, finding talent with a background in pricing education and research has been a difficult task for firms of all sizes. Now, coming off the COVID pandemic, new issues with supply chains and tighter margins have made hiring quality pricing talent more important than ever. However, these positions remain among the most challenging to fill.

Simon’s Center for Pricing was founded to promote excellence in pricing education and research at Simon Business School, and Simon was the first institution to offer an MBA program with a comprehensive pricing specialization. Famous for its economics-based, empirical, and analytical research, Simon is leading the way in this rapidly growing discipline.

As MBA Director of Marketing and Pricing Steven Simpson says, Simon Business School gives students a competitive edge in this high-demand field.

“There is a growing and largely unmet demand for talented graduates who have the know-how and training in pricing techniques and strategies to improve bottom-line profits,” says Simpson. “Students who graduate with the pricing specialization have learned pricing theory and best practices in addition to having the strong foundation in economics, managerial communications, and quantitative research that all our students develop. Simon graduates are well equipped to make an immediate positive impact on the health of their company’s businesses.”

Watch the video below for more information. If your firm is seeking pricing talent that really “gets it,” you can contact Steven Simpson at

Simon talent offers a competitive edge in pricing.


Bret Ellington




Bret Ellington is a senior copywriter at Simon Business School.

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