December 20, 2023 | Admissions & Programs Team


Quad Meliora

As the clock ticks down on 2023, we are also quickly approaching our January 5 application deadline for our full-time MBA and MS programs. Whether you’re planning to apply (for free!) by that deadline or are targeting a future one—or one of our application rounds for our part-time MBA and MS programs—an excellent place to start is by taking advantage of a unique opportunity to “Check Your Eligibility” and get feedback on your candidacy before you apply!  

What is the Check Your Eligibility Process?

Researching and applying to business schools can be stressful. At Simon Business School, we aim to streamline the process by providing prospective business school candidates with clarity and confidence as they embark on their application journey. This process will help you assess your candidacy against our admission criteria, giving you valuable insights into your eligibility status. It can also help confirm that Simon is the right next step on the journey to achieve your personal and professional goals.

How do we determine this? We look at the whole applicant, including academic history, work or internship experience, test scores, and more, to make sure if you’re admitted to Simon, you’re prepared to succeed and make an impact in our close-knit community.

Benefits for Full-Time Applicants

Meeting the January 5 application deadline.

For those gearing up for the full-time MBA program or one of our full-time MS programs, the Check Your Eligibility process comes as a timely aid. By seeking feedback ahead of the January 5 deadline, you can fine-tune your application with targeted precision. We'll offer suggestions on how to submit your strongest application, highlighting your strengths and providing advice on how to best address any weaknesses. The result? An application that stands out to the Admissions Committee.

Using feedback to refine your application for a future deadline.

Perhaps your targeted application deadline is a little further off in the future—Checking Your Eligibility now is still a great resource! It will allow you additional time to apply the feedback you receive to your application and potentially even gain additional résumé experience between now and then to ensure you submit your most competitive application. 

Benefits for Part-Time Applicants

Begin your PMBA in January—apply by the extended deadline on January 7.

If you're considering the part-time Professional MBA program and are eyeing the extended application deadline on January 7, Checking Your Eligibility will be a great asset. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your holistic candidacy to make informed decisions about your application. Use this valuable resource to optimize your chances of securing a spot in our dynamic part-time cohort starting classes in January. 

Look toward the future: the first Fall 2024 entry deadline on February 15.

If you’re a part-time program candidate looking to begin classes in Fall 2024, all our application deadlines are forthcoming—the first of which is February 15. There are many benefits to applying by that first deadline, including the maximum chance for admission and scholarship consideration. Gaining feedback from the Check Your Eligibility process well in advance will allow you to navigate the application process with confidence.

How does it work?

Checking Your Eligibility at Simon is fast and easy. Simply follow these two steps:

  • Fill out this form and provide us with a copy of your résumé or CV (and test scores, if you have them).
  • We’ll respond with personalized feedback about your candidacy*, which will be particularly helpful if you’re planning to start business school at any point in 2024.

*Due to the winter holidays, please allow up to 10 business days for a response.

We share the same goal: for you to submit a standout application that wows the Admissions Committee. Regardless of the application deadline you are targeting for any of our programs, we encourage you to take advantage of this great resource to learn more about your candidacy, underscore your strengths, and turn challenges into opportunities. 

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out—the Admissions & Programs team would love to connect with you. We are available Monday–Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. Please note that our office will be closed Monday, December 25, and Monday, January 1.


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