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Q&A with Carlos Pérez ’24S (MBA) 

July 25, 2023 | Simon Admissions & Programs Team

The following blog post is a Q&A with Carlos Pérez, a channel marketing manager at Paychex, Inc. and a member of Simon's Executive MBA Class of 2024.

Why Simon? How did you know this was the right program for you?

I am currently at Simon because I was looking for a robust program with a strong reputation that would allow me the flexibility to be a student, working professional, and family man. I knew Simon Business School was my destination when I learned more about the Simon Games, which is an opportunity for individuals to virtually run a business and compete against other individuals for tuition scholarship awards. The school's concept of assessing an individual person’s skillset while also teaching them through game play made me realize it was exactly the place I needed to be.

Tell me about your favorite class at Simon. What did you like most about it?

I have genuinely enjoyed every class I have taken at Simon so far, but I think Managerial Data Analysis with Professor Ravi Mantena was my favorite. The class hit close to home because during and after each class I could think of real life issues my company was facing where I could apply the course work. It has taken my job to another level.

What’s one tip you have for balancing grad school, work, and your personal life?

Time management is paramount. As a student, a working professional, and a family man, I have a lot to juggle. Prioritizing tasks and events and dedicating individual time to not only my studies but also for my family has been helpful, and it keeps me grounded. Having a great support system is also key. My bosses at work and my family are 100% behind me.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

I would encourage students to apply their classwork in their professional work and vice versa. Being able to identify and actively use concepts and theories in real-life situations will greatly help you understand things you are learning. Creating small wins can also help you stay motivated and allows you to stay accountable throughout the semester. My last piece of advice would be to collaborate with different people. I belong to a smaller cohort and am assigned to a team of four for group work, but I have been able to develop relationships with members of other teams. There is so much variety in my peers’ professional lives that getting a different perspective has been very enlightening.

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