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At Simon Business School, you often hear current students, staff, faculty, administrators, and alumni refer to the “Simon family.” We all come from different countries and have various backgrounds, beliefs, and traditions, and that diversity is our strength. We care about each other, support one another, and celebrate the successes of friends and peers.

One of the ways our students foster this close-knit environment is by engaging with prospective students throughout all stages of the admissions process. If you’re curious about Simon's full-time MBA or MS programs—the work load, the STEM designation, the internship/career search, co-curricular activities, life in Rochester, or even something as simple as where to find the best food on campus—feel free to email or schedule a time to chat with a current student. We have many students available and eager to connect with prospective students—meet three of them below, and learn a little more about memorable elements of their Simon experience!


Diana Castro Millan

Diana Castro Millan
MBA student

“One impactful experience I had at Simon was attending the Marketing and Pricing Trek in Boston during my first year. Over a day and a half, I had the opportunity to participate in an alumni reception, panel sessions, a casing session, a company info session, and even visit the headquarters of Wayfair. This experience was valuable, especially since it was at the beginning of my first year. It helped me to feel more comfortable when networking since it was a smaller setting just for club members. I also learned about great career paths—especially in pricing—from the panelists and received tips to use throughout my academic and recruiting journey. In addition, I made two meaningful connections. One dedicated his time to have several coffee chats with me and became a great mentor who connected me to people in fields I was passionate about. The other connection was an amazing help when I got an interview for my internship at Google, as he was an employee there. He took the time to help me navigate the interview process and shared some advice that helped me be successful in landing my internship at Google.” 




Tony El Ghandour Maalouf
MS in Finance

“One experience that has been impactful at Simon was my participation in Simon Vision Consulting, where I was able to hone the skills that I have been developing in my classes and collaborate with my team on coming up with new ideas for a client. Our client happened to be a subsidiary of a F500 company, which allowed us to work with large finance, marketing, supply chain, and IT divisions and gave us the opportunity to present our recommendations to them and to the Simon Vision Consulting members later in the club’s showcase event. We were also lucky enough to visit the company, check out their operations, and delve deeper into their product offerings. It gave me a feel of how consulting teams in a professional setting would operate and opened my eyes to the possibilities of what might come out of teams when they collaborate and brainstorm on a task they are passionate about. It also gave me a sense of what problems could arise in a team setting and how best to resolve these conflicts and stay focused on the clients’ objectives. I am grateful for this experience as it gave me some exposure to the consulting field (I am in the Finance field) and allowed me to engage with the community.”



Meredith Shewell
MBA student

“My favorite day of the Simon year is Secret Santa Wrapping day. It’s the culmination of our Simon Volunteers “Secret Santa” program that makes Christmas happen for over 200 children in the greater Rochester community. After the money has been raised and the wish list shopping completed, faculty, staff, and students come together to wrap the hundreds (if not thousands) of gifts for delivery. The event always takes place in December, when many of us are itching to get home to our family and friends for the Winter Break at the end of the two fall mini-mesters, and it’s a great reminder that we’re a part of something bigger. At a time when us students are heavily focused on course work and the weather starts to get colder, Wrapping Day is a great day to just chat, laugh and connect with each other and do something great for the city of Rochester—the community we’re a part of during our time at Simon.”




We hope you'll consider reaching out to our current full-time MBA or full-time MS students to better help you see yourself at Simon. Wishing you all the best as you prepare for business school!


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