May 15, 2024 | Dylan George

The following post was written by Dylan George, assistant director of recruitment for MS programs at Simon Business School. As a Rochester native, Dylan enjoys sharing all aspects of life in Rochester with prospective candidates and why it is an incredible place to study and live. With nearly a decade of experience in higher education admissions, Dylan guides prospective students by combining personal insight and professional expertise to showcase the best of Simon and Rochester, New York.

When exploring programs for your b-school journey, our team at Simon Business School encourages candidates to find the program that best aligns with their short-term and long-term goals. While seasoned professionals may be drawn to our MBA program to round out their business skills and develop as leaders, those at the beginning of their careers may find our specialized master’s programs more suited to their needs, offering a valuable career jump start.

If you’re a new career professional who has interest in an MBA down the road, Simon Business School offers a unique opportunity to obtain both a specialized MS degree and an MBA with our MS to MBA Pathway. Start your Simon journey with one of our specialized master’s programs and pave the way for future career growth and academic success.

Lay a solid foundation with a specialized master’s degree from Simon.

Simon offers four full-time MS programs: Accountancy, Business Analytics, Finance, and Marketing Analytics. All four programs are STEM designated, which indicates analytical rigor to future employers and will set you apart from the competition. In addition, STEM designation allows international students who are hired in a STEM-eligible role post-graduation up to three years of OPT, allowing them to work in the US on a student visa.

Specialized tracks for your career goals.

All four of Simon’s MS programs also offer two tracks of study: the internship and the non-internship track. The non-internship track allows students to complete their program on a shorter timeline, while the internship track ends the program by an extra semester to include a summer internship. Building an internship into your program includes a wealth of valuable real-world experience that can prepare you for career success and help differentiate you from other candidates during your job search. A majority of students choose this path for the hands-on experience and career preparation it provides. It’s important to note that an internship is not required for students on the internship track, and if desired, students can use the summer to study for certification exams (CPA, CFA, etc.) or pivot to searching for a full-time role. The last semester of the program for internship track students is designed to accommodate part-time or full-time work alongside coursework—and is also able to be completed remotely aside from the final class and exam—so a fall internship is also a possibility to consider.

New! Advanced Certificates of Achievement

One of the newest benefits of Simon’s MS programs is the ability to earn an Advanced Certificate of Achievement no matter what program you choose. These certificates allow you to specialize further and gain a competitive edge in the job market:

  • Advanced Certificate of Achievement in FinTech and AI: Explore the intersection of finance, technology, and AI to position yourself as a leader in the finance industry. Earn this certificate alongside your MS in Finance degree, ranked the #3 pre-experience finance program in the US by Financial Times in 2023!
  • Advanced Certificate of Achievement in Pricing: Gain expertise in pricing strategy and analytics. Earn this certificate alongside your MS in Business Analytics or MS in Marketing Analytics degree and set yourself apart in today’s competitive market.
  • Advanced Certificate of Achievement in AI: Learn the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to tackle complex business challenges head-on while pursuing your MS in Business Analytics or MS in Marketing Analytics degree.
  • Advanced Certificate of Achievement in Tax: Exclusively available to MS in Accountancy students, gain competence in US Taxation and Regulation Accounting and Strategy by exploring tax planning opportunities. 

An Advanced Certificate of Achievement will help you gain a competitive edge in the job market with specialized skills. You will complete the necessary courses throughout your program as part of your degree curriculum, which means you’ll earn your certificate at no additional cost and without extending your time to graduation.

Build on your MS foundation with an MBA.

Simon MS graduates have up to a five-year window to apply for admission to the Simon MBA. If admitted, a significant portion of prior MS credits will transfer, which means you’ll complete the MBA program in approximately half the time of our traditional MBA. You have two options to complete the MBA:

  • Full-Time MBA Program: Immerse yourself in student life and intently focus on academics, an intensive career search, and enriching co-curricular activities. This is an ideal option for candidates seeking a full-time student experience while retaining some flexibility to not work full-time professionally.
  • Professional MBA Program: Continue working full-time while you complete your degree with in-person weekday evening courses on a part-time basis. The Professional MBA program is self-paced, which means you can take as many or as few courses as you'd like each term to match your personal and professional goals and obligations. If you landed a job after your MS degree and want to continue in your current role, the Professional MBA is a fantastic option to earn your degree while growing in the workplace. 

Ready to get started?

There is still time to take the first step on your educational journey at Simon and begin your specialized master’s degree this year. Apply for free to one of Simon’s MS programs by 11:59 p.m. EDT on May 24 and you are guaranteed a minimum $10,000 scholarship if admitted! We hope to see your application soon.

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